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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Sculpture garden, gallery, Camano island and Stella

Ten acres of what was wooded land accessed only by logging road. has been cultivated and sensitively sorted into an artist's dream, sculpture garden , gallery, venue for art events and openings, created by one  remarkable woman, Karla Matzke.
Stella, of the BEST ideas, found it.
Driving down to the Park/gallery was beautiful as well.
Well forested and well established little island has become a bedroom community for Seattle commuters who must have loads of cash, though the charm , the old homes , large yards ,  beaches have not been compromised ,in spite of the recent population of  big city workers.

The sculpture park supports old growth - loads of  sweet smelling cedar,  delicious forest incorporating  glass art, carved stone, metal,  organic art 


Most astonishing sculptures superabound,  large and heavy tucked in the forest here and there, It is enthralling- magic, and you are free to wander.

The gallery , where Karla lives , is equally  astonishing. exquisitely curated - FINE art, incredible art, and glass that  makes one stop in wonderment for a good long time. 
You must go and see- I do not have enough adjectives, won't even try, you just have to experience it all  for yourself.

As we were leaving I took a photo of the parking sign- it actually says "nose-in parking" - the poppy pod helps make it more interesting. I would park my nose here anytime!


  1. David and Lonnie also live on Camano Island :)

  2. I have a friend who always finds the best things too. It's a beautiful thing!

  3. LOL -- looks like "nose parking." That DOES look like an amazing place! What a good day trip! Thank goodness for Stella.

  4. Interesting place - so often sculpture for gardens clashes with nature and only shows up how much better it is than human effort. But I would appreciate some of these things in my garden and would love to wander through this place!