Friday, July 13, 2018

Sally finds Russia, cactus muppet, Downton sanity

A quick escape into the land of Salvation Army store, A tiny Russian lid for pennies, a wooden cow for less.
Wondering when we will be totally familiar with the Russian language- looks as though we may need to learn Russian before Chinese.
This has been the BEST Friday the thirteenth EVER! Thank you LONDON, Thank you UK.
You will have noticed that no one got shot or beaten or hosed down...
A protest this large in the USA would have  not ended so well.

 Impatient patient with this neck surgery deal...takes so long to get back in the saddle. I went to my cheerful friend's house yesterday to refuel, pet the dog, gaze about the magnificent garden.
Fritz has a million cactus, all sorts, They are mostly loving the sunshine , blossoms everywhere, but there are some that actually love shade.
I would not have thought that about a cactus.

cactus you see?

In the evening I have been watching re-runs of Downton- a safe and majestic place to rest for a bit. 
Oh, and Thomas, such a misunderstood , misguided, survivor.
Since the plot is already known, the costumes have been a focus this go around. 

The babies usually come in the early evening, timid but not frightened.

And so begets another Friday the thirteenth, the most promising ever. The rest of the world sees quite clearly. Putin, our president with the orange mouthpiece doing easy work for Russia,  obviously. Divide, scatter, up end, and conquer- we shall see...
Cactus flower ,  beautiful blooming from the  stickers.
The people  are blooming,
Thank you LONDON!


  1. you know the TV show The Americans? that's what I think all the Republicans in congress are, sleeper Russian agents doing what they can to bring down America. beautiful cactus flowers and thank you London.

    1. not familiar with the television show but that sounds correct. It's been a great day, finally! The rest of the world is not deaf.

  2. Love Downton Abbey! Does it bear watching twice? If so I just might start again.

    1. I think it does, and it is very calming knowing what is coming next. Focus can go elsewhere, the set, the acting, the costumes, the good. I read that they are beginning to film a movie with the same cast!

  3. I love the thrift store finds! And Thomas from Downton can be evil around me anytime he wants. :)

    1. Oh I know, Thomas was my favorite! Such a devilish dish!


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