Monday, July 23, 2018

Out with Stella

I drove down to the lake to Stella's little gem of a house on Sunday, from there Stella drove us to Camano Island, where we spotted a side of the road antique shop, great stuff if you like that sort of thing , good prices, which everyone likes...

Enormous  metal chickens ,made in Mexico,  were many but this one was impossibly large, so , of course it would be photo worthy, I could barely fit it into my camera- how would  that  fit into a car? 
Stella bought a large metal crab and a rusted metal mermaid , living on a lake - they will be comfortable.
Again, I must stress- GOOD prices, Stella made out like a bandit.
I did my usual catch and release- had an armful - left it all behind for someone else because I am thoughtful that way....

metal goats also from Mexico, especially cute, probably because they do resemble dogs. I would have had one of these and put it in the front yard, but, realizing , not a good idea- it would get stolen by the hooligans  who wander the neighborhood at night. ( actually, that is not true, Mr. Man would have not appreciated it and it would end up in the garage) 

It is so great for me to have Stella back,  I am selfish! Her  two month stay in Finland was likely the best trip she has ever taken, her DNA feeling comfortable and welcomed among her people.
She missed the Helsinki summit disaster  by moments- the energy, she said, was electric- polite protests but protests none the less.
Her checked bag was "damaged " at Heathrow- damaged and late. When she picked it up from the airport here, it was utterly destroyed, in pieces, smashed,  everything ruined , handed to her in a large plastic bag.
We can not imagine what happened the destruction was so complete.
Anyway, the airline will likely reimburse but there were things that are irreplaceable and precious-  presents from Finland, guess she will have to go back to restock. Pretty sure that she would be pleased to do so.


  1. I sort of want that giant rooster.

    1. It was SO big that it was scary- if a wind came up it would kill whatever it fell on, it may slice your house in two! The six footers were more tempting, imposing but not monstrous.

  2. I love shops like that. would have come away with an armload. maybe would have had to arm wrestle Stella for the crab or mermaid.

    1. It is a very fun shop, Come up, we'll go there and you can load up your arms !

  3. Catch and release that a lot. Clerks probably don't appreciate the rearranging of items but it all pays the same. (My motto when called to do mind-numbing jobs). Love the fun little swimmer with her chubby, rosy cheeks. Welcome back Stella! Hope you get enough from that smashed luggage to buy a return ticket to restock.

    1. I hope she gets one million dollars. I put the items back in the booths where they were found so I guess I sort of robbed some one of a job...for free!


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