Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Bee's wax, pine resin jojoba oil food wrap fail, felt bouquet, cherries

The recipe is: 1 cup of bee wax
1/4 cup of pine resin
2 tablespoons Jojoba oil
Melt in mason jar in a pan full of water- like a double boiler.
 Apply with brush, (good luck with that!) bake in oven at 350 degrees for five minutes.
Remove, hang to dry. 
Sounds simple.

More surprising and difficult than it sounds , The you tube videos make it look Pinterest perfect.
It is not. It is a mess.
This is what I did learn.
First and very important- use thin fabric! I used an old tea towel- wrong!
Also know that the mixture will change the color of what you choose to use. Below is the before and after color change. Maybe I heated it too much.
Use parchment paper on both sides of the cloth after  it has been wax  soaked  and after it has melted thoroughly in the oven.
Take it to the ironing board with protective towel under the parchment paper.
Iron it to melt the wax more evenly. 
It is messy business and I am all thumbs, you may have better luck.

After that FAIL, I decided to do something I know better how to do , Felted another little bouquet.
The day was not a total waste.

Went to the market for rainier cherries. Sweet, addictive -keeps the lav occupied.
Walla Walla sweet onions are also at the market now, as sweet as  apples.
This is the first year of fireworks ban  in the city. 
It is working great so far!
We will be going to the lake later this afternoon to meet with family and eat stuff.
No big deal, just another  lovely day.


  1. My husband was just asking for some of those cherries. I saw some in the store but they didn't even have a price posted which usually means "too much."
    So. What are you trying to make with the wax, etc?
    Hope you have fun at the lake with the family, eating stuff.

    1. sorry Mary, I put my response in "comments.

  2. I am trying to make reusable food wraps, I have some that were made by the people who know what they are doing and they work great- use instead of plastic cling wrap or plastic anything...Our town is becoming more vigorous about plastic usage. Haven't had plastic bags for years, now. Step in the right direction.
    The cherries have made me feel less well...grumbly in the nether regions...ick.

  3. rainier cherries are my favorite! and why does the wax have to be brushed on, seems dipping would be better but what do I know. love the little bouquet.

    1. I think that brushing the wax on might get a more even coating, not sure, I used a cheapo brush but it globbed up and was impossible, so I just poured the mixture on, wasting too much, probably...

  4. Beautiful cherries. I have that same bowl, and we use it for cherries, too. We got them once for my son's middle school science experiment. Who knew they'd become our go to.

    1. that is so funny, I got the bowls for my son's school parents night. I only have two left. They were about a dollar a piece at the drug store.


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