Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Our Emily, stab, feather tail and sex clown.

The best visit of the summer- Emmy came for a cuppa and biscuits and catching up.
She graduated and is on her way to Alaska to work as an assistant to a botanist in the tundra for two months. Right out of University to a job in her field- pretty wonderful for the girl.
You may recall that her love, Keith, just died on a trail hiking , doing what he loved best, heart stopped at the tender age of thirty five.  Boom, lights out, just like that *snap*
Emmy is doing remarkably well, in spite of  grief and rude surprise dealt by the who knows what?

Her eyes are the most unusual color, and pretty much match her hair and the universe.

While I stabbed more wool, we chatted. She recommended a book "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts. I googled and caught a lecture by him reviewing his book, and his wild adventure- I will order it soon and read it slowly, intense, and so well written that Emily could actually smell Bombay prison. 

She told me about her Ayahuasca experiences. I was nearly sold, nearly talked into it as well as getting a tattoo, until she included the terribly graphic description of "the purge", and the pain involved in tattoo's. 

Um, think I will pass on both- besides I think I have managed to get by without knowing my life's purpose, and I already have established a relationship with the ALL.
I am but a crumb- a crumb of love and snark- in the vast wonderment of  star dust. 

We watched the baby squirrel come in and go out , with a paws full of nut, Her feather tail is just not filling out, little cutie.

The Christmas poinsettia is still pumping out leaves- the most vibrant magenta. I stuck the fallen ones on the geranium that is also blooming, Both are indoor plants.
Amazing that they continue to flourish.

Last night I watched "Edwardian Manners" before a repeat of Downton  Abbey, Manners- the why and when of them and the cool English reserve in opposition to the French influence. 
Then "The man with the orange shirt" on Masterpiece theater came on, so I stayed up for both episodes- getting to bed at  blurry eyed midnight...
Anyway, it was better than expected, not just a gay romp, but a truly deep heart felt representation of gay life during world war 2 , moving on to the present, through the lives of one family. 
It is a cry, a romance, a frustration, and  at last, WHEW, a reckoning.

AND David Gyasi is amazing! Hard pressed to not swoon! Oh my, if anyone ever looked at me like he looks at Steve in the film, I would become a puddle of goo. Bones would melt.

The  sketch below was sent to me from a kid at my son's school, a little bonus for buying another work by him-" Cat in a striped shirt."
He knew that I would appreciate, that I support Sex Clowns far and wide...
So that is it, another day in the life of  boring , not bored.


  1. Emily is gorgeous and I love that she could tell you about her Ayahuasca experience. Do you think it helped her with her grief? The therapist who saved my life years ago is now very involved in Shaman led Ayahuasca journeys.
    The purging sounds like too much for me but I would not be opposed to eating some of our local psilocybin mushrooms again. In fact, I think that perhaps it would do me a lot of good.
    I'm glad I've found you, Linda Sue. Or that we found each other. Did you know that one of my friends in Jr. High and high school was named Linda Sue? She was a Mormon though. Our friendship did not survive that.
    And your squirrel continues to enchant me.

    1. In the spirit of Keith R- may we live long to tell our tales and expand our "thinks". I likely have one of the most common names during that era. Your name has always been the most popular through the ages. Everyone wants to be THE MARY.

      I do think Emily's Ayahuasca experience helped her a great deal! Her grief was profound. I understand the religion thing getting in the way...all too well.

    2. and YES indeed, you have been a very good find! Found you through Steve! Blogworld !

  2. Now I know of two people with golden eyes. Both very special. The other is my Ann, who lives in Wisconsin.

  3. your life is anything but boring! and so glad to see Emily. I too might do the Ayahuasca except for the purge thing. and like Ms Moon, mushrooms have always been my favorite. I'd do them again in heartbeat. they connected me to the All.

    1. Mushrooms are pretty safe- I got a bad one one time, one that looks like but is not- so no mushrooms for me! I think that we are already pretty well connected with the all-ness, don't you? I have to try to keep my wits- my ores in the water- at this point!


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