Sunday, April 22, 2018

pinkable spring, comedian baby diary

Walking around the house again on a sunny glorious day! Let the healing commence! Neck feels pretty well screwed on and my body is so grateful that the helpful drugs  have been put in the cupboard. Pink seems to be the theme! Cherry petals along our walkway
and THESE lovely flowers about five inches across in my neighbors yard.
Don't know what this magnificent bush is, but I reckon you do...

Rhody buds, looking delicious!

Where I have been house arrested for the past five weeks.
The Cherry tree budding little tiny cherries.

The daddy squirrel soaking up a bit of sun on the deck. 
He is adorable, and likes to ALMOST come into the house.
This is the first time in my life I have had no pets so I welcome him to make himself at home.
Please, little squirrel, be my cat/dog/bird/ hamster...


The following must be clicked on to embiggen , Just a few pages of the baby diary I tried to keep when Erik was wee. 
He was/is hilarious.
Does not like carrots...


  1. Those are camellias! And they are beautiful.

    1. oh, thank you Mary, They are so gorgeous ...they do not last very long, and the bush is rather dull for the rest of the year, but are a real pick me up for about two days!! Lovely camellia!

  2. I think the pink unknown flower is a camellia. and out of the mouths of babes. my son when small would spin tales to grown-ups, strangers trying to be polite to the little kid talking to them and it would take them a moment to realize he was pulling their legs.

  3. kids are great if given the chance!

  4. Love the squirrel! Yes, the mystery pink flower is definitely a camellia. We're having a very pink spring here, too!

  5. What did Erik grow up to be? Seems he's a natural born story teller!

    1. Very predictable, yes, he is a story teller, has been on podcasts, and stand up, but his bread and butter is in animation.


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