Thursday, February 1, 2018

#50 on the list of undesirables

The list judges for, weather, opportunities, education,  transportation, cost of living, rent and purchase of houses, crime, homelessness, community, entertainment....etc.
Not too terrible to be fiftieth on the list, Bellingham- but I liked it better when it was cooler- when creativity  ruled, when the rent was next to nothing, when we grew our own , and did not turn everything into a serious , acceptable color having  to have a city permit for anything and everything even remotely cool. The reasons I decided to live  here have all gone, it is not the same town at all.
The downtown is ghostly, there are few good places to dine, the cost of living and living - disproportionate, the sidewalks are rolled up at 10:00 P.M. In the winter,  it is colorless , bland, and the rain  every day  dampens spirits, shoes and everything else. It is dark. It is PANTS!!

So, you may remember the granery across from my studio and how cool it was with its patina, weathered wood, delicious old character. Well, the city managed to save the building ...but, 

none of the character, This is what is happening  out my studio window this afternoon,
Not what we might have expected. Just looks like any old  white building wearing a pointy hat.
The owner of the studio building , the one painted blue, in the top shot, has now painted it  beige, dear GAWD!
- shoved into beige obscurity.
 like a bad sci-fi, where everything is homogenized, predictable and (yawn) ZZZzzzzzz snoozing into the next dimension.

It is nice to be back in the studio anyway , haven't started anything yet because ...I am as inspired as  oatmeal. The glow from travel  obfuscated , rained out, drowned, by  blandness, shoved down into an old dingy soggy sock.

I did find a surprise  waiting for me that put a smile on my pasty, dull, boring  old beige face- A cow doll body, left by my friend who was using the studio when I was gone.
Cows are generally  inspiring!
I will give this one a think. 
I sent helper money to our Emily, and that cheered me up a little. It is going to be a difficult time for her.
I still would like some OPIUM please, because I am a cry baby.
 really, though, I must share the blame - dim witted circumstance, As I always told the children when they were little and moaning about being bored- "Only a boring person is bored, fix your problem."
I must take this good advice ...  (send Opium anyway, please) and snap out of it. I think I will paint the house YELLOW.


  1. Yellow would be good, but there is no extra opium. I may write about that, when the officials leave.

  2. Life is too short for fucking beige.

    1. thank you Mary! i do agree and I think I shall make a large sign and hang it in my studio window, thank you for that.

  3. so is there a contest who can be the most boring? not you, but 'them'. I need to paint my house outside. I can't decide whether blue or purple or maybe every wall a different color. I kinda like that idea.

    1. Blue and purple do not last as well as gold color paint especially in the sunshine, Up here anyway, anything with a blue tone fades rather quickly. Golden hues last forever! Not sure why or if it is true everywhere else. I think was won the competition!

  4. Hopefully some of this is seasonal blahs, and when the sun starts to reappear things will look a bit brighter. I agree the "new" granary looks depressingly bland. I will forever miss the green heart! I love the building behind your studio -- the one with the clock tower. What is it?

    1. Yes, I am sure you are right, seasonal blahs weigh heavy. The clock tower is now a museum, and is very cool on the inside as well, Great venue for chamber music and solo used to be city hall.


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