Saturday, September 9, 2017

all well in the bushes, bird word, and art

This buck is HUGE, I could not get him to come out of the bushes and out from under the plum tree, He as a s big as a moose!

The crow family still coming around together, encouraging their challenged infant to be more independent. It is not working, they are still sort of feeding him but nudging him to get food for himself.
 He got some rice and a bean and then his Mom showed him the string cheese and told him to go for the good stuff!
He is getting new feathers for winter- looks like he has been hanging out with a rough crowd.
He is a silly baby, so cute.

The Jays still flock to the door when I feed the squirrel, they rob him !

See the rain on the railing!! Another good rain day for our very dry soil. 
So, hey, how 'bout that weather!!!

This is my lovely friend Euleta, the day of the installment  of her piece for Patty. 
Quite the undertaking and so well done, 
I am in awe!

Leaving in the morning, with luck I will land at Heathrow sometime Monday around noonish.
Hop on the tube and head to the hotel for a few days , then check in to my flat. 
So, if this blog goes dead, it is because I haven't figured out how to blog from my mini IPAD. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Weather and death and PEACE

 This morning, after an entire summer of no rain, the forests becoming tinder, a reprieve , RAIN, The sky is already washed of the orange haze of fire, nerves are calmed. It is not so ,,,electric!
Thunder and dangerous lightening cracking through the sky. It is somewhat welcomed.

Yesterday morning we lost our Bill, Our most influential teacher, poet, guru, hero to all. 
He was Erik's teacher at the alternative High School  where the luckiest kids were able to go! Art, science, political science through the writings of  Howard Zinn, Bertrand Russel  and Russian literature, that sort of political science! Critical thinking backed by fact based research was the norm.   Bill was also an artist , amazing carver and installation doer- nothing small, and a musician, though he would not agree. Humble .  
He always made whomever he was talking with, feel special , intelligent, gifted and valued. I have never met anyone so grounded in this human condition , so experienced in forgiveness and light and love- as they say, "an old soul" 
We shared the same interests in art and literature and , of course, love for the kids. He was the kind of person who could share a glance ever so briefly and that glance said " I SEE you, I love you, we are one" the real deal! 
 "May you be happy, may you be well, may you be filled with loving kindness, may you be peaceful and at ease", Bill's mantra.

There were fancy dress parties, buffets of gorgeous organic delicious fancy food, there was always music, Where ever Bill was you could be sure that a great time would be had, even if it was just to sit in a corner and read ...while he an opposite corner.

So that is that- 

My boy must have  surgery, I will be gone, It is a stage 3 CA with torn shredded tendons. Jesus!

He has an army of good friends more than willing to help him which he will need.
Stressful for a mom, I can do nothing, everything here is stressful.
I think that once I arrive in London I may have to sleep for a week to get my bearings , to shake it off- 
Daily slamming of this fucked up countrie's dilemma , everyday is a WTF day, the fruition of climate change in your face, no turning back reality!
Must gather our wits, we are in for it.

What a time to be alive, eh??

So , I leave you with:

 "May you be happy, may you be well, may you be filled with loving kindness, may you be peaceful and at ease"

I will try to be aware of this- Bill did not whistle in the wind.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

plums and rust

The neighbor brought over a huge bag full of plums this afternoon, He said there are more if you want.
My other friend put three large bags full on her porch for people to take, please!
Fruit trees have loved the sunshine this year, we have had no rain!
The forest fire smoke is still here and the sun looks surreal, like a weirdly lit gobstopper, casting a strange light on everything.

Rust is still rusting however, all around the neighborhood

Erik has to have surgery , has to make an appointment tomorrow for MRI and stuff, He really did a number on his beautiful self.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

rebel deer, schoolgirl lucy

This deer has been coming around since he had spots, He is very tame, as you can see he does not hesitate to just look at me and pee right there as I focus my camera...
He has a special antler, sort of rakish and handsome...unlike the common antler crowns, he wears it like a rebel would, bold -  proud- "what are you looking at" stare!

Still unearthing papers to toss, came across this Schoolgirl , drawn in a note book I took to London when Stella and I stayed in Lady Margaret's cottage in the city. 
Awkward - full of braces, near sighted, seventh grade angst.

At this particular schoolgirl age Moms all feel like this , screaming frustration-  hormones and boys and trying cigarettes...who knows what all- I feel so lucky to NOT have had a girl child- Erik was EASY! His girlfriends were not. So much drama and insecurity- pecking order fights- what to wear what to wear what to wear???
I have a memory of what a little horror I was , sorry MOM.

And so, Erik is back at work with his broken wing on pain pills and in a bit of a blur, will see a doctor on the thirteenth and then we will see if surgery is required.

The smoke is heavy in Portland as it is here, I feel like some body's pot field must have ignited, I am sleepy and munchie and kind of foggy. - time for another nap after having gone to get toes painted this morning, Painted them BLACK, classy- that way.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Where there is smoke...

Awoke this morning to darkness and faint campfire fragrance- The day is filled with smoke, breathing difficulties- ash falling from the sky , ash in my car!
Fires and Floods
The extremes we have been warned of since the sixties when we read about it and saw it coming and NOW - there is no turning back, we are in it! 

This is a map of Washington state, We live in Whatcom county.

No word yet about get ready get set go...
but lucky for me I am packed with everything I might need except for water. 

Humans did this, humans will suffer, the planet will be fine.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Afternoon BBQ, and a boy with a broken wing

Every year  our generous friends have a BBQ  for ALL of their friends- and there are many! 
Always good to catch up - we are getting so elderly , some wear hearing aids and say "what" all the time, some can not walk without bumping into things, The next few years are going to be  amusing!!

My boy ,with his broken wing, is in  much pain. I found Mr. happy Box in a pile of his childhood- he is such a cheery person, always has been and is so even now, being all disappointed and hurt, still looking on the bright side! I will not see him before I leave. My chest feels thirty pounds heavier- there is nothing I can do for him  except say the wrong things and get in the way- of course we will foot the bill and be so damned grateful he did not fall on neck or head or into the fire .
Just read in the morning paper - a 41 year old man got too close to the fire and burned until he was dead- gives new meaning to Burning Man and a reality check!! 

The med evac alone will cost over   30,000.00 dollurz for Erik and the other guy who thought he could jump  off of a two story structure...broke his ankle.

Not sure yet what the bill will be but It is  OK, just fugging money, and our boy is not paralyzed or worse. I would pay ANYTHING for this minor in comparison injury!!
He feels so terrible and continues to beat himself up over a stupid bike accident in the middle of the desert at an event of a lifetime! 
Poor kid.
All will be better when he gets in to see a doctor and a specialist. 

I found this mystery lace in the bottom of a bag of laces from the Victorian era.
It passes the burn test , not synthetic, it is woven horse tail hair, used for stiff collars and petticoats.
It is kind of creepy, thus my fondness for it. 
I will stash it and maybe use it someday in some sort of art.
Racu pottery perhaps. Horsetail looks amazing  when fired on Racu. So, that is what is happening here. I am packed and anxious, not so sure about leaving but if it turns out that I made an error I can fly back to this god awful land we call home.

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