Saturday, September 2, 2017

Out on the town with Stella, bad accident, Reno hospital

I do not need to tell you how much we needed a break from this countries misery right now- Outrage after outrage and nurses, of all angels on earth, being bullied by the Rump police state - on it goes...Stella and  I went out- Had a bite and wine, out on the sidewalk and then went downtown for the art walk.

perfect summer evening, perfect temperature, everyone happy  to be out and out from under!
Music and Art, can't go wrong! Our funky downtown!

went to my studio for the last time before I leave - leaving it for a friend to use and to keep check on. 

Art in the hallway, everything clean and tidy.

After wine and cupcakes we wander down to some other galleries- graffiti in the ally way.

Wonderful evening. Erik phoned the next morning from a hospital in Reno. He had to be helicoptered out of burning man at three in the morning. Bike accident that shredded his tendons and broke his clavicle. He may need surgery. 
I sent him $$$ and he was released from hospital - to a hotel with a Betty White gambling unit in the lobby! 
He rested, watched Sponge bob And ate burritos until his flight back to Portland today. He is in pretty sorry shape!
 The cost of course is going to set us back a house and barn! Erik had non insurance, the sort that you pay for but nothing is covered. Sooooo, out of the pocket goes the Cash. 
I can not even will be BIG!
The night in hospital was $7,000.00 but when they realized that Erik's insurance was bogus they lessened it to 700.00- none of this is reasonable- none of this makes sense.
Another reason out of the hundreds to abhor this country and to encourage the young folk to take their talents outside of these borders.
Meanwhile "we have a problem, Houston" continues and will for months if not years to come. 
Another night out with Stella is in order!
Must have wine, must have scampi in wine sauce, must have a reprieve. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

final walk with dog,flood story ART

This morning Cubby took me for a final walk before his humans return. He showed me the car he wants when he get his license. 
I packed up his stuff- left over chicken , livers and mac and cheese in the bag, the nose knows!

found some plums, still a bit hard but will be good tomorrow.

The Texas flood brings up so much about floods of the past, The Flood that took our Patty, my best friend's little sister, you may remember her story.
I put it in a link below.
 Euleta, Patty's big sister, painted tulips in the sink for Patty and for the library where Patty worked. From the painting she made this huge mosaic out of broken dishes to hang on the library wall. 
-must have been gratifying to smash  dishes, to arrange and think of Patty , the flood, her untimely death- childhood , the parents they shared, 
Grief work-
Art comes from the most incredible losses.

The story of our Patty.

So, now the dog is gone, I have a few appointments to get out of the way, and then I can get sorted to  not listen to Big Ben and  to not go to my favorite museum...both closed for four years.
And to see if I have any last minute things to pack...or unpack.
Meanwhile I will eat all of the plums.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

a peachy post

Cubby found a PEACH tree! Branches growing right over the public access path, They are so yummy! And an apple , a perfect little just right apple that I will have for lunch. 
Peaches do not usually grow in this climate, we get them from east of the mountains but THESE are wild, growing whether any one pays attention or not. 

I will eat them all since Mr. Man can only eat a keto diet.
I am too short for how much I weigh but have lost some inches so that I can comfortably sit in the airplane seat without crowding the guy next to me ,  that guy who always wants the entire arm rest- I am sure y'all know that guy! 
When  way too large people travel it can be uncomfortable for everyone- taking up too much space is not a judgment call, really,taking note- it is just courtesy and common sense to want to conform to the space given.
Taking too much of anything is not quite socialistic , or considerate,is it. 
I know- I know- people can't help it and everyone has their cross to bear- and huge folks wear their despair on the outside, I am empathetic, sympathetic, and I understand.
Until airlines can accommodate these folks It is up to we who are able to become a bit smaller to make room - for that guy who likes the arm rest and the  four inches either side into the next seat, for extra space. He is doing the best he can. I must remember this. It could be me, especially after devouring the entire bowl full of peaches.

whales in the yard

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