Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cubby's find , babysitter, Middle son's new digs

Walks are ALWAYS better with a dog! They sniff, take their time, root out interesting finds.
This morning Cubby found these items, the torn and shredded tennis ball makes a very cool bowl for the pebbles  found along side it.

We are used to seeing large pine cones , this one is very tiny.

Quickly- in the studio- I left the spider babysitting the little orphan in a log.

We drove down south to Anacortes to have lunch with middle son whose family has moved from east of the mountains. His wife found a great teaching job right away, she commands top dollar and her salary might surprise you! She makes more per hour than a plumber! 

They are renting at the moment, large gorgeous house with a VIEW to be jealous of. As rents go up here they got a pretty sweet deal- the owners are living in a boat in the bay- wanted to make life more simple.

Nice break from the general anxiety of radio, internet- won't go near Television!!! I feel like throwing up every day, but I don't - I need to eat a sheet cake!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Summer nearly gone

August sharp sunshine, a walk with the dog

Walking to two favorite parks today. One by the bay and the one by the creek. 
This one , by the creek, this very location is where we got hitched, Very small party of witnesses, very small vows of Yes sir no sir- nothing grand- 

The squirt pond is one of the best thing in the park- it used to be a baby wading pool but was too filthy for babies and too full of diaper stuff. Good move!
Pleasant days, cooled off considerably even though it was already cool.
So that was the day with the dog. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

invasive species, besides you and me

Without doubt the most invasive species is the human species- horribly destructive, hell bent on leveling the planet to Martian, however , in the meantime, Off of Cypress Island in the sound up here, Atlantic farmed salmon made their escape.
The net broke releasing 300,000 some fishes into the sound. 
Farmed salmon is disgusting, do not ever eat it! 
Anyway these Atlantic salmon eat our native wild coho babies and are enthusiastic about it. 
In the photo the top three are native wild , the bottom three speckled deformed are the Atlantic farmed .

Everyone with a pole and net were encouraged to go out and catch as many Atlantic salmon as possible to try to remedy the situation, The farm blamed the eclipse...right, thank you Mr.Science...
Anyway it is disastrous as our native salmon are already compromised, we have been working for years on salmon enhancement projects, clearing the streams and salmon runs, trying to monitor pollutants...that sort of thing.

The Atlantic salmon, poor things, can not believe their luck- free at last, oh lordy, free at last!

And this little clip of what is happening across from my studio.
The granery.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

the alley, duck nuts, and wavy world

Walking with the dog down the usual alley where the apples and berries are in autumn mode. Apples for the picking, berries will fight back! So many stabs, but just one lump sun warmed ripe sweet berry makes it worth the damned sticker that is embedded in hand or arm. OUCH!
The apple tree is an old one, - catches it's own fruit in a nice  self wooden bowl. 
Children walking home from school having Apple wars.
Which reminds me of a 1971 film  that I used to LOVE! The Apple War:
 A German business man, Volkswagner, comes to Ă–sterlen in the south of Sweden to build Deutschneyland, a gigantic amusement park for German tourists. The local councilors and the member of parliament are all in favor of the idea, although it will turn vast areas into parking lots for cars. The Lindberg family does not like the idea and with the help of a little magic, they start scheming against it. 

I have not see it since back in the day and would probably not like it now because I am so "grown up"...(old)- but back then I thought it was delightful with the fog rolling in as a way for spirits to materialize. Cool magic! Changed the way I thought of fog forevermore.

And here is the same old garden shed, the owner died years ago, the shed remains , gravity taking it down  by inches every year- Making it shorter and thicker at the base, just like me. Damn you Gravity!

rusty numbers on a back hoe.

Came home , carrying the dog because he was tired. Fed the squirrel some peanuts . out popped these duck nuts wanting their photo taken before they became squirrel food.
The squirrel comes right into the house and just looks at us- Cubby doesn't even care. They have come nose to nose.

 Cubby found a spider on the walk!
pretty pleased with himself for finding something that might scare  his girlfriend.

I got my glasses this morning and my vision is GREAT-ish. After the surgery as I said, macular degeneration in one eye was exacerbated - and so, through my left eye, this is what the world looks like.
Not bad, I can live with that- as the degeneration continues as age speeds on, it will become different,  likely blind. It is common. I take mega doses of eye vitamins for it which may slow it down until I am done with seeing anyway.

In the meantime I will take advantage of this new way of seeing and paint with my good eye shut.
Makes a more interesting visual, these wavy lines and melty solids.

Monday, August 21, 2017

the "oh no's" and dog diarrhea

Feels like a tightening rubber band, this country, have to shake it off- Walking as far as we could walk today, Cubby wanting to be carried most of the way.  I did not realize that dairy is not good for him,  string cheese  gave him problems, a tummy ache, poor little pooch. Consequently he kept me up all night, going out, coming in, going out...The only good thing about that is that I got to hear Big Ben's chimes for the last time, noon in London- crack of predawn here. Four years of renovation on that iconic building will be like having a loved one in hospital/ rehab ...scaffolding like bandages. 

After walking to the dog park, and the bay, we came back up the trail  back into the neighborhood.

On the street there were about twenty pots of plants in organic soil for the taking.  Poster for lost cat.

This one tempted but I did not take. Number one, I could not carry it and Cubby at the same time- number two, I have no place safe to plant it.

The street had been blocked off for a neighborhood pot luck/ plant give away/ party/music

We did not stay, Cubby feeling unwell, and me feeling anti social. 
I need time and space to process the lifting of the lid  of the scum bucket , white supremacy,  Nazis on our streets , unleashed racism / violence and ignorance  and the Orange Baby  giving his nod.
I remembered when "difference" first came to me at the movies...wrote this on FB yesterday- a memory.

When I was a little kid I could walk to the FOX theater and watch a matinee on Saturday afternoon for a quarter- plus five cents for pop corn. I would go alone and watch what ever was showing - it was the fifties in the middle of dirt- not much else going on. One Saturday Watching some lame Western offering- one cowboy said to the other something about " kill the spik" , The little girl sitting next to me , with whom I shared my popcorn and she shared licks on her Grape Charms pop- looked at each other and wondered what the hell was a spik? Her big sister had a very sad face and took her sister's hand and said " it is us".... I was "a spik" - we three walked from the theater - eye out for cowboys going to kill us, feeling gutted,- took a while for me to realize that no, actually I am one of those cowboys - privilege- so blindingly white - the sisters walked one direction and I the other, my tongue still purple and deliciously grapey from our sharing licks and spit, but the sisters could not come to my house to play- growing up in racist little Wyoming town. First dawning...damn

This is a very sharp memory- a stabbing to the heart.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Walk the dog, autumn falls

No idea what this very large bush is just down the street. Cubby, the dog, found it and pointed it out.
I have Cubby while his humans are in NYC, having fun without him, so, I make extra effort to make his happiness a priority. 
He would like to take this orange ball thing home to play with but it really is too big for his tiny mouth.
I forget , between pet sitting stints , how very small Cubby is- he is  guinea pig  size.

Leaves are falling already, color leached, dehydrated. 

of course the sunflowers are abundant this year! The sun has been wonderful even though the grass is parched- First time I can remember not having green grass during summer.

This is a zinnia baby...optimistic I would say- the nights are getting so cool...Daytime is generally cool as well. I am not ready for winter AT ALL! Sort of spent my summer indoors  because the hurting light and the nuisance of eyes not functioning has kept me from doing much.

Cubby is a good little walker, we pretty much stick to the shaded paths- see how smart he is!
 He obviously can read.
I will have Cubby for nearly two weeks- abrupt change of daily doings...