Saturday, August 5, 2017

smoke sun

Forest fire smoke is still making the usual unusual, The birds are behaving differently, the squirrel wants to stay in the house.  At six o'clock this morning, this little dog whom I have not seen before, sat in the street for  about an hour , just staring in the direction of our surreal sun. 
I asked him if he was lost, no response, just sort  of catatonic until the sun moved higher overhead.
After a long while he left cheerfully barking , in sight of his human looking for him. 

this morning's sun , moon and smokey orange sky.

Friday, August 4, 2017

story of a house

My Dad built our house, hammer, nails, and concrete, He was a pro though working full time and making a family with my Mom who , in this photo is pregnant with me. She always hated this photo because she though they looked like a couple of hillbillies., Porch in the process of curing before the steps could be added, Front yard a mud pit.

Later My Dad added a dining room and a garage, patio, garden, incinerator , finished the basement, had a son and a daughter, and tried like hell to keep trees in the yard though the Wyoming wind blew them all away.

It was a sweet little house, the blizzards. 50 degree below winters, and incessant howling wind did not impress it at all. Solid as a fortress.

My parents finally left to find some earth where the wind did not blow you sideways every bloody day. House sold to a person who had no interest in keeping it up. It fell into horrible disrepair, the hand made picket fence and gates used for fire wood, the garden and fruit tree leveled - replaced with stones , dust, weeds. She moved on selling it to someone else  three years ago who recognized promise in the little house- It is on a good corner lot , close to downtown, great little neighborhood...there was hope for this little house- great bones.
They have been bringing it back to life over the past three years.
This is it today!

While tearing out the basement which my Dad finished  as a laundry room, furnace room, lapidary work shop, Carpentry, and my brother's very large bedroom and hang out, They found this in the wall.

My brother had hollowed out the wall, constructed a pulley system , where he hid french cigarettes, porn, badges from the army surplus- WW2, other treasures- mostly naughty- and photos of girlfriends.
The new owner posted Harise's photo on our hometown page, Facebook,  asking if anyone knew Marvin, that she would like to send him this photo.
There'll be no sending it to Marvin, he is dead but I would love to have it- a sort of nod and wink from my brother, A memory so sweet, I loved this girl. I loved that I was the only one who knew about his pulley system , that I kept his secret from our parents forever.

My Dad would be sad to know that his lush gardens and attempts to keep trees in the yard, his picket fence , the house he built fell into near ruin.
So grateful for the new owner, Our little house is loved again, though the walls have betrayed my brother. Now everyone knows and his pulley system - removed.

You have no idea how difficult it was to garden where we lived, to cultivate a rich soil out of dust, a growing season of two and a half months. But my Dad had a green thumb, vegetable garden loads of flowers, raspberries, lilacs, an apple tree which eventually the wind sent as far as Medicine Bow-
 Our lawn was always the greenest though cars cut the corner and tore it up frequently, thus the new barrier the new owners installed.

A straight shot down Buffalo street into town, less than a mile's walk. My Dad's marigolds along the fence.
Sweet. Sweet memories and a happy ending.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Smoke from all of the British Columbia fires wafted down  and obscured vision.
The sky is orange.
Kind of cool looking actually, and the sun looks like a gobstopper of gigantic proportion.

And then last night Chuckanut mountain caught fire- only 2 or 3 acres, which quickly spread to sixty.  If Chuckanut mountain was a person , we would be hovering around on it's epidermis , that is how close the fire is.
No surprise really, Dry hot summer and loads of timber. 
So, this day, will likely be spent indoors due to respiratory problems with smoke. 
There will be a clean bathroom by the end of the day and maybe a plum crumble.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Crow family and old pum

The old lady in the yard, still pumping out plums though they are sparse, and her limbs have been whacked off by the saw man.

The crow family comes every morning at the crack of dawn, and I do mean CRACK. OW! Their Yelling at 5:00 am does get my attention, I climb the stairs , make their breakfast, get a cup of strong coffee, and start the day.

Yesterday the parents were teaching the baby how to eat by himself! He is not sure, still wants to be Mama fed. Baby is suspicious of rice,corn and bacon when it is not offered by a crow face.The parents cheered him on, much squawking from overhead! Hopping from branch to branch ,giving instruction. Finally the Mom joined baby on the rail and nudged him forward into the rice. The Dad also joined them only to tell the Mom off, to mind her own business that the baby will learn without nudging.  She told him to STFU and tried to bite him a little. They are quite the family.

"Oh, dis how we do?"

The baby is pretty pleased having nearly mastered food , suspicious of the camera now...through the window so it is not too terrifying.
I adore his baggy socks!

The baby is still sort of ratty looking compared to the very good looking parents...we hold hope for this one.

I feed the crows three times a day. good thing for them that my eyes are still not working well, no gallivanting around for this bird . Toward the end of the month I will be able to get corrective glasses, then there will be much gallivanting!