Friday, September 8, 2017

Weather and death and PEACE

 This morning, after an entire summer of no rain, the forests becoming tinder, a reprieve , RAIN, The sky is already washed of the orange haze of fire, nerves are calmed. It is not so ,,,electric!
Thunder and dangerous lightening cracking through the sky. It is somewhat welcomed.

Yesterday morning we lost our Bill, Our most influential teacher, poet, guru, hero to all. 
He was Erik's teacher at the alternative High School  where the luckiest kids were able to go! Art, science, political science through the writings of  Howard Zinn, Bertrand Russel  and Russian literature, that sort of political science! Critical thinking backed by fact based research was the norm.   Bill was also an artist , amazing carver and installation doer- nothing small, and a musician, though he would not agree. Humble .  
He always made whomever he was talking with, feel special , intelligent, gifted and valued. I have never met anyone so grounded in this human condition , so experienced in forgiveness and light and love- as they say, "an old soul" 
We shared the same interests in art and literature and , of course, love for the kids. He was the kind of person who could share a glance ever so briefly and that glance said " I SEE you, I love you, we are one" the real deal! 
 "May you be happy, may you be well, may you be filled with loving kindness, may you be peaceful and at ease", Bill's mantra.

There were fancy dress parties, buffets of gorgeous organic delicious fancy food, there was always music, Where ever Bill was you could be sure that a great time would be had, even if it was just to sit in a corner and read ...while he an opposite corner.

So that is that- 

My boy must have  surgery, I will be gone, It is a stage 3 CA with torn shredded tendons. Jesus!

He has an army of good friends more than willing to help him which he will need.
Stressful for a mom, I can do nothing, everything here is stressful.
I think that once I arrive in London I may have to sleep for a week to get my bearings , to shake it off- 
Daily slamming of this fucked up countrie's dilemma , everyday is a WTF day, the fruition of climate change in your face, no turning back reality!
Must gather our wits, we are in for it.

What a time to be alive, eh??

So , I leave you with:

 "May you be happy, may you be well, may you be filled with loving kindness, may you be peaceful and at ease"

I will try to be aware of this- Bill did not whistle in the wind.


  1. Two of my children were fortunate enough to go to a school where there were teachers like that. We lost one a few years ago and I still mourn him and your description of Bill reminded me of him.
    Oh, your poor son! Well, I'm so glad he has good friends.
    I'm glad you're getting to leave the country. And I'm so glad you got rain.

    1. These teachers are so exemplary are they not!!1 Of course they would be teachers- OUT of the system of grind your kids to a pulp education... We are lucky! I am thinking of you down yonder- Come up here if you all need beds and comfort. Back door is open just let yourselves in.

  2. so sorry about Eric. who knew falling off a bike could cause such severe damage.

    1. I have read that it is a common injury, and can be disabling . Just tremendously lucky he did not injure back or head or neck!!

  3. My daughter went to such a school as your son did, and was exposed to such enlightened people and how much richer she if for it. I am glad Erik has good friends to see him through. We ache when they ache, and wish we could spare them everything. But we can't. And they grow. Love.

    1. what a great decision to send kids to alternative schools, very lucky, More involvement by parents that is for sure! Non stop fund raisers! And yes, we do ache when they ache, could be the DNA we share with our children, it goes so deep we know when they are troubled even though we have not heard from them to confirm that feeling! We are owned! Letting Erik GO, live his journey - is a new awakening for me!

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