Wednesday, September 6, 2017

rebel deer, schoolgirl lucy

This deer has been coming around since he had spots, He is very tame, as you can see he does not hesitate to just look at me and pee right there as I focus my camera...
He has a special antler, sort of rakish and handsome...unlike the common antler crowns, he wears it like a rebel would, bold -  proud- "what are you looking at" stare!

Still unearthing papers to toss, came across this Schoolgirl , drawn in a note book I took to London when Stella and I stayed in Lady Margaret's cottage in the city. 
Awkward - full of braces, near sighted, seventh grade angst.

At this particular schoolgirl age Moms all feel like this , screaming frustration-  hormones and boys and trying cigarettes...who knows what all- I feel so lucky to NOT have had a girl child- Erik was EASY! His girlfriends were not. So much drama and insecurity- pecking order fights- what to wear what to wear what to wear???
I have a memory of what a little horror I was , sorry MOM.

And so, Erik is back at work with his broken wing on pain pills and in a bit of a blur, will see a doctor on the thirteenth and then we will see if surgery is required.

The smoke is heavy in Portland as it is here, I feel like some body's pot field must have ignited, I am sleepy and munchie and kind of foggy. - time for another nap after having gone to get toes painted this morning, Painted them BLACK, classy- that way.


  1. That buck is quite unusual, I must say.
    I love the school girl! One of my daughters has apologized to me for some of her teenaged years. I just keep telling her it's fine. I was no angel myself...

    1. oh your daughter is so lucky to have been able to apologize, I was too late, My Mom died and I could not tell her what a saint she was, I was pretty awful- but, you know, I couldn't help it, Just being a girl child was challenge enough!

  2. Somebody's pot field! That's hilarious. The volunteer pot plant is still growing in my neighborhood, by the way. Teenage girls and their mothers are legendarily adversaries, aren't they?

  3. Glad Erik is healing. I do hope he can avoid surgery. Sending good thoughts. And I love love love Schoolgirl Lucy. She deserves a frame.

    1. Thank you, I too hope that Erik's wing will heal nicely, surgery is scary, as you well know! Glad to hear that Husband is back, healing thoughts right back at you! LOVE


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