Saturday, September 9, 2017

all well in the bushes, bird word, and art

This buck is HUGE, I could not get him to come out of the bushes and out from under the plum tree, He as a s big as a moose!

The crow family still coming around together, encouraging their challenged infant to be more independent. It is not working, they are still sort of feeding him but nudging him to get food for himself.
 He got some rice and a bean and then his Mom showed him the string cheese and told him to go for the good stuff!
He is getting new feathers for winter- looks like he has been hanging out with a rough crowd.
He is a silly baby, so cute.

The Jays still flock to the door when I feed the squirrel, they rob him !

See the rain on the railing!! Another good rain day for our very dry soil. 
So, hey, how 'bout that weather!!!

This is my lovely friend Euleta, the day of the installment  of her piece for Patty. 
Quite the undertaking and so well done, 
I am in awe!

Leaving in the morning, with luck I will land at Heathrow sometime Monday around noonish.
Hop on the tube and head to the hotel for a few days , then check in to my flat. 
So, if this blog goes dead, it is because I haven't figured out how to blog from my mini IPAD. 


  1. Wow, you may already be here by now! Or about to land, at any rate. Love the pics of the jays!

  2. safe trip! still busy tearing up my house.


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