Monday, August 14, 2017

stabbing wool , a walk, a dog bar

There is nothing more escapey than stabbing wool, Stabbing raw wool into some other form is mindless . Other than the focus it takes to not stab fingers and thumbs , leaving blood on the pad or in the wool- it is pretty much meditative.  

The continual level of anxiety that this administration is producing is the new normal- as I suppose repetition of abuse  and shock becomes after a while. 
The last domestic terrorist attack , however, has given us all a NEW , whole other level- I do not know where to put it-  I stab- I walk- I find new things-

This  place opened this summer, where the skateboard shop used to be- looks like a very good thing!

Take your pooch out on the town...Fairhaven is very dog friendly, has always been, but  after the Doggie Diner closed, where you could take your dog and sit with them at the table , everyone enjoying lunch  as they do in France- there has been no place to go , you a couple...
with a play area.

Knowing that this new bar is here makes me glad- just down the street by the bay- I will be pup sitting at the end of the week for  a couple of weeks, I am thinking that if the weather holds this would be grand.
A new hang out!

As for the weather- I guess north has been  the place to be- not once have we had the fan on nor turned the ac on  this summer. Maybe two "hot " days - in the upper 80's- cooling to lower fifties and less in the evenings.  It could be that our house is cooler because of the flow of air throughout and because we are close to the sea . The flowers have been loving this weather- the fruit trees and berry bushes  as well. Abundance!
Fair weather, fair bars, fair people, fair walk with my antlered pal-

though nationally not so much. Shocking, sickening, horrifying, ignorant- could go on forever with negative challenging adjectives here- back to stabbing wool...walk some more-
turning up the music, turning down the horror, at least until I get footing.... YET AGAIN! 


  1. i did not know what to write in the wake of charlottesville, i had no idea what would be helpful, or even just cathartic. we are all struck dumb by the new shape of things. how could this happen? how could this be? and yet it is.

    my daughter would love that doggie bar. now there's an entrepreneurial idea!

    1. I feel we are indeed being taken down to zero. if we ever get out of this mess it will take so much work to bring this nation back up to speed. I am not optimistic, but then I am Scandinavian and optimism is not our nature...

  2. I had to look up "stabbing wool" because honestly, I had no idea. Still have very little but it sounds like the perfect activity for these days. And those flowers are pretty and so is that vase.
    The new normal keeps changing. Every time I think the bar couldn't go lower, it just does. I don't know what to say. It sucks. We're fucked.
    Yeah. That.
    Dog bars. I don't mind drinking with dogs around. Mostly they're pretty cool. I love the idea of having to make your dog pee before you can order a drink though. Makes a lot of sense.

    1. I started needle felting when Bush ran for office and Mr. Man was REPUBLICAN! I am serious when I say that it kept me out of the slammer...murder came to mind!
      Having dogs around anytime is usually pretty comforting, I find, unless they are demanding silly dogs- then , I must say, i would rather they run away.


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