Monday, August 28, 2017

final walk with dog,flood story ART

This morning Cubby took me for a final walk before his humans return. He showed me the car he wants when he get his license. 
I packed up his stuff- left over chicken , livers and mac and cheese in the bag, the nose knows!

found some plums, still a bit hard but will be good tomorrow.

The Texas flood brings up so much about floods of the past, The Flood that took our Patty, my best friend's little sister, you may remember her story.
I put it in a link below.
 Euleta, Patty's big sister, painted tulips in the sink for Patty and for the library where Patty worked. From the painting she made this huge mosaic out of broken dishes to hang on the library wall. 
-must have been gratifying to smash  dishes, to arrange and think of Patty , the flood, her untimely death- childhood , the parents they shared, 
Grief work-
Art comes from the most incredible losses.

The story of our Patty.

So, now the dog is gone, I have a few appointments to get out of the way, and then I can get sorted to  not listen to Big Ben and  to not go to my favorite museum...both closed for four years.
And to see if I have any last minute things to pack...or unpack.
Meanwhile I will eat all of the plums.


  1. What a sad story about Patty. The mosaic looks wonderful, though. The news from Texas is really scary!

    1. Harvey is just the beginning , permafrost in Alaska is melting! Rain over south pole,Hang on to your bonnet!

  2. Patty! You put dog food in your husband's lunch! You were brilliant in so many ways. And now, being here, and being the inspiration for Euletta's mosaic, you are immortal. Live on, fine spirit.


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