Sunday, July 2, 2017

stood up for good reason

 All of my family is dead, there is no one left to ask  about ancestors, heritage, no family stories , no history for me to attach to. Probably a good thing, really. No responsibility, no obligation... it is a sort of freedom.  However! The really great news is that I found family on facebook! They all live in Norway, I have never met them except on facebook. My Grandfather came to America when he was a child all by himself and worked on a farm as a child laborer until he ran away having been mistreated. He ran to Wyoming where he got a job on the Union Pacific Railroad. And that is where he stayed.
SO, my cousins, five of them planned a trip , to come here and stay for a bit, to meet Peder's grand daughter.

I had to hustle to get five bedrooms ready for them, plus eliminate a lot of clutter and stuff from 30 years of living in the same spot. It mounts! I got rid of Erik's childhood, so difficult, and loads of my stuff. though, as you can see from the photos , not enough!
I even cleaned out the closets! 

Bought new towels and soaps and all of that, Bought little gifts from the lavender farm.
Everything fresh and clean .

extra bedding, extra towels, extra toiletries- YES, this will turn out just fine!! They will think that their American cousin  measures up.

the living room could do with less stuff but it is tidy.

the  television, fireplace, computer room could also do with less stuff...especially the television which has not been on in over a year. I really hate that thing and the nest of wires behind it. I leave our door unlocked  many times hoping that some hooligan will come in and steal it.

and the worst corner probably , where I read in my cigar chair,  is where the most stuff seems to congregate- looks cramped and crazy- I will have to fix that.
BUT ,as I said, everything, clean and tidy and smelling like a new born house!
Great, I am ready! Bring on the Norwegians!!!

---and of the husbands -discovered a brain tumor just moments before they were to travel. 
So ...No Norwegians, no family...sad trombone...
Now I have extra beds and towels and toiletries and lavender for whomever shows up , it could be YOU!
Glad to have hustled through the house and taken loads to charity, I mean LOADS! 
It is a great feeling. I am in subtraction mode, now, and I see more that wants doing. Out the door it goes! Yay, me! I may even get my reading corner whittled down to zero.


  1. my sister is into all that ancestry stuff. really interesting. I let her do all the work. I have Norwegian royalty in me! too bad they bailed but for good reason. clutter, they name is me.

  2. Good for your sister's interest, It is all very curious, the folks before us, but not terribly important to me- I yam what I Yam!

  3. well, your house looks amazing. light and cheery, even your reading corner. i believe the norwegians will come one day. perhaps you will go and visit them?

    1. I hope they do come, I may be meeting them in London in the fall, maybe I will go there again now that I have found them! Thank you for saying it looks light and cheery, Stuff is such a burden and tends to make an already cramped looking space even more so. I would love to be a minimalist , an empty room, wouldn't that be grand!!!


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