Monday, July 3, 2017

Before the heat

The lavender is at it's peak right now, the entire neighborhood smells like a grandmother.

Before summer really gets it's scorch on, the flowers are loving the weather, fair bit of rain and cool nights, overcast days for the most part.

The succulents at the end of the stairs surprised me this year with these outrageous flowers! 

such a complicated design

Hen and chicks  more colorful than ever!

A plant I bought at the grocery, the color is legit!  I put one of the blossoms on a white sheet of paper and it bled the most beautiful bright raspberry color! Not sure it would not fade, though, as pansies do when they are hammered onto paper. 

One of the dying peonies lying on the table casts a bird shadow, pretty cool, my little ghost bird coming to visit...
I do miss him and his cheerful chirping, whistling, chatter, I do not miss the screaming, the seeds flung everywhere and the occasional scolding.
His little yellow bird body still in the freezer , waiting for burial.

And this is the grand finale of the peonies , they have been volunteers along the fence, every year for thirty years they have come back, faithfully without being cultivated or messed with. 
Tried and true. A hearty flower!

moving into July, the flowers wane, fruit trees ripen, and on we go.


  1. such a gorgeous display of nature. thank you for sharing them.

  2. Oh yes, The flowers at this time of year are really gorgeous, Temperature in the 60's , very do-able! Thank you for looking at them!

  3. lovely peonies. far too hot down here for those beauties. ginger and plumerias and hardy roses blooming here.

    1. sunshine makes all the difference, and I am pretty sure you have plenty of that!


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