Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A garden celebration

Celebrating our friend getting her doctorate in cellular biology at Yale, Five years hard study! Now she will begin teaching at Yale.
The garden of Fritz is coming on so nicely. He has an extensive cactus garden as well as exotic trees and vegetable. The greenest of thumbs.

The forth of July, least favorite holiday, terrifying pets and vets, with a madman in the white house dismantling the nation to vile rubble.
I have an app on my computer that changes the orange WH toddler into kittens, which makes getting news online somewhat  less horrific. 

Time spent in Fritz's garden is time well spent.
And KITTENS are good.

Leaving you with this...Baby in a bucket- summertime!!


  1. some very cool cactus. did not feel much like celebrating the toddler in chief and his July 4th post of his campaign song instead of the nat'l anthem.

    1. I hear THAT! There is nothing to celebrate for national BREXIT day, My only wish is that Queen Elizabeth would take us back.This country , based on that which it was based, was doomed, it has come to pass, I am afraid and the constitution is in peril, so here we are...a baby in a bucket helps ease the pain.

  2. Love the floral photos! Going to look for the kitten app. Nothing ruins a good mood or even a good bad mood like even a thought of SCROTUS. (so called ruler of the US)

    1. Yes, the kittens take the edge off considerably, any help we can get, right? The cactus plants are amazing, I really love the leathery stitched looking cactus with the fancy hair do.


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