Saturday, June 24, 2017

What does Libby do?

Queen Elizabeth is an illusion  of  stability in the western world, she has been here longer than dirt! I admire the QUEEN, though she really serves no purpose other than ceremony, and spending her subject's hard earned cash, and wearing excellent hats.  She owns the land, citizens are her subjects, She owns the sea surrounding the island  and all of the whales therein. She has the power to  rule against laws brought forth by Parliament, but never does- she would rather not deal with scandal-too messy . That is nearly unforgivable , given BREXIT and it has been said that she may lawfully remove the head of any visiting politician deemed unworthy.  Now would be a good time for her to step up. 

Always been a fixture in our lives and at 91, is remarkably going about doing what ever it is that Libby does.
No body is quite sure...

We spend her  face , on Canadian bills.
and on notes. that portray her  wearing an athletic mouth guard .
Unfortunate choice, Libby...just sayin'

Her ubiquitous portrait is found on very nearly everything, She even has an action figure, which I am sure to obtain next time I am in London- A solar powered waving Queen , useless really, much like the power of Libby.
I love the Queen, I love the IDEA of her, I love her artificial contrived ceremonious life which seems so stable and sensible from afar. A touchstone.
Though, when I walk by or in her palaces as a paying peasant, everything seems  like ancient  movie props, the chairs are tiny, the halls are not wide, the velvet is worn. Everything is SO so so old. Yet I am enthralled.

My son gave me this refrigerator magnet- knowing that I idolize her probably too much - reminding me that  in the end , she is simply a bag of meat like the rest of us.

I came so close to seeing her when we were at Windsor, We went to buy post cards - bad timing on our part . She came out onto the lawn , waved and smiled and  probably looked for sorry to disappoint . I remain her biggest fan! My imaginary friend, Queen Libby!

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