Monday, June 26, 2017

sushi for crow

Having returned from another stay in London,  a stay that saved me from the worst of the American election, feeling secure in the polls , knowing that this was Hillary's  win, only to find the country in turmoil, shock, utter chaos, having elected the most unthinkable ! Time  has rolled on into the darkest winter ever  politically, weather in compliance to general abysmal mood of a shattered country , dark, cold non stop rain, no light at all, pallor close to death. The carrot that is all fluff and bluster is America, and it is toxic.

Broken, everything is Broken!
Dangerous, threatening, gassed by the orange terror.
I immediately booked another flight to London in September, enough time to organize my life here , rent a flat, buy a ticket. 

Mr. America in a straight jacket.

At least the weather has improved, took it's time, through a blustery dark cold rainy spring.  Nothing else can be made sense of right now, Sun has arrived,  sushi on the rail to feed my new friend.

Mr. Crow,  whom I have named Sushi, for obvious reason,

He comes every morning to let me know it is time for breakfast.

Biding our time. Fight or flight? You guessed it!


  1. Hey! Found your new blog. Good to see you're still keeping the neighborhood critters fed. Sushi is wise to make you a friend. Any jay birds hanging around?

  2. Leenie, yes , one jay did come in yesterday and could not find his way out, until he fluttered himself into a worn out little rag, then I could pick him up and send him on his way.

  3. Trump and the Republicans have broken this country. Republicans have been cheating their way to the top for the sole purpose of destroying the government and any and all progress. Trump came in and with no restraint has been kicking everything good to the gutter. I think this country is done, don't see how we can undo any of this. they have no respect for the constitution.


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