Friday, June 30, 2017

rocks and flowers

Felting wool to look like stones. They "resemble" river rocks and are about as big, I like to use them for pin cushions as the wool receives pins and needles well, does not dull the sharpness or either.  Plus they look kind of cool, pin in a pebble, like sword in the stone.
It is all illusion, so they say.

I have been on a white flower jag lately, these are large, needle felted from raw roving,  I intended  to make them small , for lapels or on coats, but got a little carried away. The largest one is seven inches across, too big for a lapel , unless you happen to shop at clowns are us. 

I will try again... 
Getting carried away is one of my most annoying character flaws. 
I have so many to choose from, but "carried away" seems to top the list at the moment. 

Back to the studio today. 
will try to make smaller flower pins , will try to reign in my enthusiasm for "some is good, more is better"- Slow learner....


  1. Rock, Flower, Needle---they all win!

  2. love the rocks and the flowers!

  3. Those pebbles look amazingly realistic! Do you still have the same studio, across from the big heart? Wasn't there a risk you were going to have to move out of there?

  4. Steve, Still have the same studio, not sure what the future of "gentrification " will bring , but there for now... Heart is gone.


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