Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Let's go meet the gang!

One day Sarah of circles of Rain Blog fame, and I were driving around Plumstead, parked the car, she said " I have something to show you"...
In an otherwise normal quiet little neighborhood, we came upon this large white home of  questionable taste!
Much like a forgotten attraction at an unattended amusement park , stands this monument to gangster wannbe's in South London , belonging to Dave Courtney,, someone I knew nothing about.

Decorating with brass knuckles- with  birds of prey standing guard over what is called ....

Right. Camelot Castle!!  a plaster hit man peering over the fence , dead eye Dick, to be sure.  Do not mess with plaster man, and know that you are being watched.

Recently Dave had a heart attack, age 59, and yes, he has had a scrappy life ,  crime, associations, a little bit of murder - time in the slammer. A legit gangster, I don't think so,  a fringe character of bad character, more like. 

No mobster would live in a house like this, number one. Number two, No mobster would drive a V W. You can look at photos of the interior , on line, as well, looks like more of the same  "theme" - A police box shower, a torture bedroom...It is like some seventh graders set up what they think MIGHT be a gangster's crib .
We had a  laugh, though very quietly, respectfully...because, remember I did mention  that " little bit of murder."

On the side of his house is this mural of his heroes, The Kray twins , whom he claims to have been a friend of, now that would have been good company!
Al Capone, Howard Marx,the Krays, Freddie Foreman, Roy Shaw, DC, Al Pacino, Lenny, Lenny Mclane, Joey Pyle, Charlie Richardson, Ronnie Biggs, John Gotty. 
and of course brass knuckle throne for Dave himself. 

 And then some guy drove slowly by and flirted with Sarah- he wanted to marry her or something. 
We moved on, rather quickly!

If you are in the Royal Borough of Greenwich sometime, Plumstead, S.E. London , you might want to drive by, and by drive by I do not mean "drive by" gangster style.

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  1. what a hoot! and you recognized all those people from that mural? lovely group of companions but how did Al Pacino get in there?


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