Friday, June 30, 2017

ahead of myself

Because I will be in London through the Christmas season, I have been thinking to get all of my presents done now, leave them before I go for the folks I love. Mr. Man and youngest son will likely meet me in London - Skating, lights and London at Christmas time sounds grand, will be so nice to spend it with family in my favorite city.

Mug rugs with matching mugs are nice little gifts,  as are wall pockets for keeping bills and other mail.

I do not often give vessels , they are a little bit strange for most people to appreciate, and are utterly useless for everything except maybe holding keys and coins- if there is a playful animal in the house , wool vessels are too enticing and end up in shreds.

These two vessels are felted from low grade wool that I could do nothing else with, though they are not the best they will do  .
I have a favorite very large smooth stone I use to make these. The extra weight of the stone seems to felt inferior quality raw wool better than I could do using a squish ball. 

Lately I have made table runners, nuno felt on silk which is a lot of work physically- loads  of wool, layer upon layer six times is used. Pounding, rolling, squishing, hot and soapy, over and over to obtain a good, cohesive felt has challenged my arthritic hands. Not sure if I will make many of those! 

  Needle felted flowers are always good, seem to be a crowd pleasers. So, getting things taken care of before my trip is a good feeling.
Christmas , already covered, in wool! Family joining me for Pudding. Life is awesome!


  1. There's nothing like getting a head-start on the holiday season, but you're WAY ahead of the curve! Beautiful work, as always. I think I remember one of those vessels from an earlier post. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere!

    1. YES, hello Steve! You are probably remembering correctly, I still have vessels to give away, understandably they are not a hit with just anyone. I have missed blogworld though have kept up with yours, of course!

  2. Unique and weird and that's a good thing. So much cookie-cutter sameness in this world. Thinking about Christmas is a good thing too, but here there's blue exterior paint which must be spread between too hot and the next blizzard. Jealous of your trip across the pond.

    1. Oh Leenie, I feel for you...we just had our house painted in the nick of time.

  3. Replies
    1. thank you very much! There are so many really good felters up in this northern land, I am afraid I am mediocre at best. I do love wool and it is versatile enough that becoming bored with it is not an option! Thank you.


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