Monday, April 8, 2019

In the yard, intuition, planting

The yard is shouting !

-except for some rather sad daffodils and a few other plants that barely made it through, the heartier survived. 

This is the first year that the weeping cherry has blossomed so well, the deer love the umbrella , A good resting place as they take a break from eating everything in the neighborhood. I do not mind, I like the deer better than I like cultivation, I guess.

  whites and yellows are primarily the spring force- but the hyacinth popped out day before yesterday, nearly spent already. Not long lifers.
The sorry little azalea really took a hit this winter.

The Rhodys also are not well.

At the back of the garden , the cherry tree, taller than the house, is so full this spring that it covers nearly the entire yard. It was planted as a dwarf ornamental tree , It was already about 5 years old when we moved in, well established. 
And it did take off!
The cherries are for the birds, if they are not aborted as soon as they have some roundness.

In the back is a very nice deer bed, warmed by the afternoon sun.
Today Mr. Man returned to the office, Working ten full hours a day- He is supposed to be retired, you know. having "sold" the practice...and don't you know that I had a very negative impression of the the guy who promised to buy the practice , at our first meeting. I said," I don't think this is the GUY"..." he gives me the creeps".
Correct, as usual...When will men ever begin to trust Women's intuition and observation skills? 
Not today!
Anyway, back to the yard...we are moving toward Vegetable garden with deer fence, and drought resistant plants, though that may not happen just yet, There is work to do , so this season will be all about planning.I may put a few pots on the deck , out of reach of deer, for a few veg plants. 
Morning sun, afternoon shade, that sort of thing, around the back of the deck. 
Who knows, it is predicted that forest fires will fill the air with terrible smoke this summer, in which case I will have to go somewhere else. Lungs  will be grateful.

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