Tuesday, July 31, 2018

essentials, dive bar, , Fairhaven, and a jab

Went for a short stroll  through the neighbor's yard and down the street where a man had tables full of interesting objects for sale.
Of course I had to come back , get my cash, and return to pick up "treasure".
The cheerfully painted primitive flour sifter will come in handy for all of the cakes I no longer make, due to Mr. Man's diabetes and my fatness- who needs cake, you may ask.
And , you may ask, who NEEDS this stuff?

I do, clearly! Coolest !
My cousin came by in the afternoon to deliver my uncle's class ring from 1932, it fits like it was made for me. So much for de-cluttering.

My Dad's class ring , which I also have, is well worn, Steamboat, the horse mascot, softened to an unrecognizable blur. Glad to get this ring, my uncle went into the navy right after graduating so , my guess is that he never wore this ring much, essential  and cool, my motto for the week, and can be anything deemed by me to be so.
Most folks might not agree with my personal, "essential,cool".

Driving home from Dakota Art, waiting for the light to change, perfect opportunity to snap  Cap Hansen's dive bar. Established in the 1920's .
Cap's is a fave for good stiff drinks , for instance, you can get a  so called bloodymary  , a splash of tomato, pinch of Tabasco, lime, a beef stick, olive, celery, and CHEESE in a gallon of vodka ,  and you can get a decent sandwich,  but who needs one after that hearty drink?  a long listen to a good ol boys rant- some politics a bit right of center...
It is a no nonsense place. 
In the evening, it transforms, a go -to -bar for karaoke youths. 

The ivy covered building houses a sort of nightclub, The Underground,  upstairs are apartments, nothing changed since EVER! early 1900's, shared bathroom down the hall, sort of thing.

Stopped at another light, point and shoot from my car window,  the old drug store that closed  just last year after over 100 years of business, a drug store museum in the basement. It was a pretty great drug store/ pharmacy, where the pharmacist knew your history, your family, your dog, didn't need to ask, gave good advice and found the most affordable option for what was needed. PLUS there were  jars of penny candy, weird little gift items from afar, and old fashioned remedies, like mustard plasters - reasonable prices. Nothing fancy, just the real deal.

I could have counted on them to honestly tell me the pros and cons of the new shingles jab...which I am unsure about. I am  suspicious, especially after having two pneumonia jabs, because the first one was short lived, two shingles jabs, which they now say is ineffective, GEEZ, get it together drug pushers! wondering if it is  just another drug industry ploy...
Shingles is no picnic, pretty sure of that, so fear  and old age play a part  here 
Having read the article, having also talked with friends who had the shot and their severe reactions, I am still on the fence.
Have you had your jab?

A postscript:
Mr. Man: Julie Annie just declared that a crime is not a crime.
Me:  So collusion is not collusion

Mr Man: that's what Julie Annie is claiming .

me:  who is Julie Annie?
Mr. Man, You know that wacky attorney for tRUMP...
me: Oh, yes...Giuliani.
( it's all about the accent) 


  1. Have not had my jab. I will be sorry as hell if I get shingles.
    Cap Hansens looks like my kind of place. You always take the best pictures of the best places.
    I love your cool stuff! We find those old railroad spikes all the time in this yard because the tracks are about a hundred feet away. Feet? Yards? Something. Close.

    1. Lucky you, you live in a rusted spike treasure trove! The shingles jab has laid low many a friend - but , so too, has shingles, tough call, I say...who knows if ten months from now they, ( the chemists) will come up with yet another , new , improved version?

  2. I had the first (40% effective) shingles shot and it turned red, swelled and hurt for a week. My doctor says the new series (there are two required) hurts like heck. She's still thinking about it because they hurt. So, I haven't done it yet. It would be nice to know if I actually had chicken pox as a child, but there is no one left to ask. Love your pictures of Bellingham and the old buildings.

  3. Yes, the new/improved jab can make the recipient very ill for up to a couple of weeks. Are we guinea pigs? Like I said, "tough call"...

  4. I declined the shingles jab during my physical a couple of months ago. rather wait for it to be around a while.

    1. good thinking, who knows, it can change by the time I get my courage.That is my hope, the jab is NO FUN.

  5. I watched my mother go through the shingles so when they offered me an injection, I said yes. Even tho I may still get shingles, it should be a lighter case.

    1. Agree with you totally, shingles is the worst. Just not sure if this new injection is THE ONE! Friends who have had it have been made ill for at least a week...Think I will wait until they come out with an even better one. My mother had shingles as well, it is not something anyone welcomes!

  6. The hand painted sifter is essential cool! So is the class ring. Hope Bellingham can somehow maintain it's heirloom quality. So much is being bulldozed to make room for more homes for more people-more people-more people. Of course we can all just wait until it all burns down. As for shingles shots-- dunno. But from personal experience the real thing hurts, HURTS! LIKE HELL!! and nothing can make it go away until it's ready.

    1. There are still some charming buildings left in tact here, I think that they are appreciated, but new building is going gang busters, Unattractive blocks of bland apartments, people have to go somewhere, I guess, and this is an attractive place for cool temperatures. Think I will wait another ten minutes before I get the jab, that seems to be how long it takes for yet another NEW more effective jab to get born.

  7. "Julie Annie" -- LOL!

    I love the sifter and the shaving kit and the Underground club! (A very familiar sign.) And excuse me, but did you say there's CHEESE in that Bloody Mary at Cap's? Or am I not understanding that right?

    1. ha-ha a shaving kit, for mountain man whose beard is barbed wire. The Bloody Mary , yes, all of those things in one glass. No need to order breakfast.


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