Saturday, August 5, 2017

smoke sun

Forest fire smoke is still making the usual unusual, The birds are behaving differently, the squirrel wants to stay in the house.  At six o'clock this morning, this little dog whom I have not seen before, sat in the street for  about an hour , just staring in the direction of our surreal sun. 
I asked him if he was lost, no response, just sort  of catatonic until the sun moved higher overhead.
After a long while he left cheerfully barking , in sight of his human looking for him. 

this morning's sun , moon and smokey orange sky.


  1. So many bloggers are experiencing smoke from all over the world now. Will this be our new normal?
    Will we all become as confused as that dog? Poor thing.
    Poor us.

    1. After days of smoke it finally hit me last night, the air is so harsh, headache and burning eyes. If this is the new normal it is going to be a tough road!

  2. Wow. That is a very strange sky! I can see how that dog would be wondering, "What the heck?!"

    1. it is surreal! The sky is every color other than blue, Green, purple, orange, brown, lavender - inspiring to paint but deadly , respiratory flare ups to be sure! That little dog is a mystery.


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