Sunday, August 6, 2017

fire smoke still intense, and a poster

The smoke finally got to me yesterday after days of saying "oh it is not so bad...look at how wonderful the sky is, sometimes lavender, sometimes green, any color other than blue! So pretty!"
And look at the sun shining in a weird way through the haze and the willow...

NOPE, I am over it, eyes burning, headache, coughing.and sadness for the forests and all of the living things , burned out of their homes.

 I did however get into my car and drive to the studio, still a danger on the road and got honked at a couple of times because I can 't see, anyway, I picked up the poster for art walk in September. Such a beautiful poster, I will keep this one!

My friend Karen did this amazing work , so much better in person, it is EVERYTHING! I see a lot of Blake in it, though it keeps changing every time I look! The most intriguing , successfully inspiring work ! Sorry it is not a better  in this flat blog dimension. 


  1. Beautiful poster. Worth framing and hanging.

    1. The posters come out about four times a year, I rarely participate, so I will keep this one because, you's all about ME! ha ha

  2. Thank you, Linda Sue, for honoring me here. I'm still learning from this one. I was delighted to see some of your work on the poster! And I love your image of the fire sun lantern in the willow. But the smoke can go away now. I, too, feel sadness for all that's being destroyed in the fire's path.

    1. PLease, don't mess with your painting too much, It is perfect!


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