Sunday, July 16, 2017

colour shift

Hydrangea through the fence

The days all 29 of them, not a drop of significant rain...Personally I am loving it, Temperature at the hottest has been in upper 70's, mornings and evenings are jacket cool.
I have not ventured very far because I can not see well enough to drive or go around corners...the floaters in my eyes are no longer bear sized and have diminished to rodent size, but vision has not yet all!  I have experienced the Monet effect however, the morning after my right eye's surgery I peeked out from my bandage and the streets were violet, shadows were purple.

I took a selfie of my right eye with a pog that I had found in Erik's childhood drawer, placed  behind the lens of my glasses to show a friend what my eye felt like. Nothing like a visual! Though the surgery went very well for my right eye, my left is still wonky, and will forever be so, I am afraid.  
Mr. Man and I drove out to the county to buy two gallons of  pump oil. I could see the STOP sign and got a bag full of cherries! So, you see, it is not as grim as I make it out to be...I am a whine baby, plus I got to eat all of the cherries because Mr. Man's diabetes will not allow him even ONE cherry.


The lavender is hearty all over this area! Abundant! 
Anyone is welcomed to gather as much as they have the patience for. 
A bundle usually keeps it's fragrance through the winter.

 Still a bit of snow against the clear sky. It has been the BEST summer. Took it's time getting here so for two months we will remember why it is that we live here. 
By January pleasant memories will have drowned and frozen.


  1. Glad to hear you are healing, and that not being able to see very well has not inhibited your spirit of adventure. Great selfie!

    1. THANK YOU, of course eating a bag full of cherries is not much of an adventure to the adventurous, but yes, it was good to have a driver. Best wishes to you, probably warmer there than here.

  2. we should be happy that there is still snow I guess. glad you are having wonderful weather. it's hot hot hot here. can only go outside in the mornings and evenings. you would melt and then I'd have to mop up a puddle of Linda Sue.

    1. you are right, the heat would fry/melt me- a puddle of goo. But your winters are better than ours- And winter seems to last eternally, seeming is everything, right?


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