Tuesday, July 18, 2017

not sure what I am seeing

I probably should not be driving yet, I still can not see for beans! But I had to go to the drug store to get eye vitamins so I took the side streets.

Had to stop for this gentleman and take his photo,

- looking  toward the street , like  he wanted to cross the road.-, I stopped to let him pass.

Came home and saw these things on the table.

And so it goes, still not seeing very well ...give it time they say. 


  1. I want that Ent in my yard. maybe he was crossing the street but it will just take him a month to do it. love the stone/egg/leaf

    1. What to do with wood that does not qualify for fire wood...make a GUY out of it, He is rather impressive in stature. Pretty sure the dogs bark at him before using him as a toilet

  2. Your sight may seem strange, but for what it's worth, your picture-taking abilities appear to be intact! So that's a good sign. I love the Ent!

    1. Isn't that the beauty of point and shoot!!! even a cave man could do it! Somebody should give the Ent a camera like that which you have in the garden, you fox spying camera.


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