Monday, July 17, 2017

From ALASKA SONG and the sun

When I lived  aboard in the harbor, I met another live aboard who had a very fine vintage power boat, ours was a motor-less , steel hulled sloop built for racing in the 30's. His was way more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. After a time, I went back ashore, my friend continued to make quite a wonderful life on the sea. He, his gourmet chef wife, and a small crew  take their yacht  up and around Alaska  with paying adventurers to experience the beauty  every summer.

The ice in the morning above, taken at Tracy Arm, just below Juneau. 
Whale breaching taken today by one of the crew.

Ice again at Tracy Arm fjord
Eagle on top.

A photo shot from the kayak  that they offer for land excursions.

Eagles as common as sea gulls.
Perched atop the mast of a neighboring sail boat, in Sitka.

I have often thought that I may go up with them, the Boat is smallish for a yacht, intimate, beautiful , the captain well healed, the chef , AMAZING! Fresh sea food every day that you have had a hand in catching...
A fabulous adventure in good hands.

But then I had another think , for the price of a two week or one week adventure up north , I could go to England three or four times, for months at a time.
Not even a toss up for me.
 I just thought I would post this just for you to have a dream about and to cool your heated leathers. 

Also a reminder for y'all to get  solar glasses. Even here in Bellingham the sun will be but a sliver, the shine around it however will be large so it may go unnoticed- do not ever ever look at the sun without these protective glasses. Saint Lucy  reminding you always that eyes are pretty important.

I was planning to go to Wyoming for this happening as the eclipse will be total and last for 2.5 minutes - was going to meet up with my friend to stay  in our old stomping area- but as soon as word was out that this was a BIG DEAL all of the hotels , camp sights and anywhere along the road, cancelled reservations made in advance and  quadrupled their prices for an over night stay. Making hay while the sun shines or does not shine, making it ridiculously unaffordable.
Mr. Man is driving down to Oregon , ten hours away , with a fellow astronomer -all of their gadgets and a pocket full of solar glasses  to pass out to the unknowing.
There are Star Parties all over, of course ,-- they are booked to the max and became so within ten minutes of opening their registrations. So, yeah, a big deal for amateur astronomers of all sorts. 


  1. such an interesting life you've led. i think my husband dreams of living on the sea, aboard his own vessel, traveling everywhere. it might be why he became a marine biologist, and now inhabits daily an ichthyology lab, on dry land.

    1. Good job, the study of fishes! They are like the canaries in the gold mine, right? We judge our planet's health up here by the salmon. We are in Salmon territory, everything salmon! Salmon is god!

  2. I've always wanted to live on a house boat or on a beach or an any kind of waterfront property. not to be. so far anyway. won't see nothing down here. I would like to take a little Alaska cruise and see glaciers before they are all gone.

    1. Better hurry! Warming up FAST! Living aboard is a wonderful lifestyle...though as they say, it is a hole in the water where all of the money goes!


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