Friday, July 21, 2017

Baby on the bus

I drove into town today, eyes have improved so much , I can still see the edge of the lens in my right eye, looks like a shadow being -- sneaking up behind me, My left eye - still ripply and fuzzy. getting better though, driving is a challenge , street signs are mysterious . 

I went to the book store but that was dumb...I can not see the tiles, ...too soon.

My baby boy will be coming home tonight on the 10:00pm bolt bus, Mr, man will drive, thank gawd. 
I bought some treats for our lad.

This morning, barely awake, first cup of Dead man's reach- this thought passed by me...I grabbed it-

Having been young all my life , suddenly , like overnight, senescence forces priority shift, not a bad thing really, just a different thing -adjustments ,like the chickens living under the LA freeway , that kind of adaptability - the coyote living within walking distance of the bus stop , that kind of practicality , like a particle of dust riding on a beam, without certainty, no particular direction, - biding time I reckon- money clip with neatly folded bills replaced by loose change jingling in my front pocket , like an old man.

and there it is, the thought  grabbed and trapped in alphabet characters , stuck  in an old letters jacket.
A few more years of this - missing our babies, eating too much, going blind, walking funny- and poof, it is  gone. 
a big WTF, but isn't it grand.


  1. Yes, I saw your thought on Facebook. All things and beings are transient -- even us!

    "Squirrel poo" -- LOL -- hilarious! And I loved the Dead Man's Reach you sent me a few years ago. Always welcome in the morning.

    1. When ever Dead Man's Reach is on sale , I buy as many as are there, it never has time to go stale! We mainline the stuff.

      Adjusting and rearranging life as we get older is a thing for sure.Now realizing how awful I was to my parents, not understanding what they were dealing with.

  2. That's a poem you grabbed, and a fine one. And I, too, understand my parents better now, as indeed my kids will not understand me until one day they are missing their kids. Enjoy your son's visit! Nothing more exciting that the baby birds flying home for a spell. Your photos are evocative, such a quaint corner of town. Lovely.

  3. It is a quaint corner of town although it is changing to become more shi shi, a short walk from the train station and the ferry terminal so it crawling with people in the summer time. But as sections of town go, this is the best. Three book shops within arms length of each other.
    Having the lad back at home even for five minutes brings new life into the mix, YIPPEE!

  4. yep everything is transient. just trying to make every day a good one doing something I like and want to do. see what I can of the world within my means. it's a jolt though to realize it's so close. 20 years seems like a long time but we all know by now that it is the blink of an eye.

    1. What are the steps of someone dying, _ disbelief, denial, anger, depression- whatever- I have all of those , a deep sadness for the shift in earth, mankind...we were warned, were we not? Just biding time...doing what we love and loving what we do.

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