Thursday, August 15, 2019

winding down ,beautiful summer

Joe's garden, plump with dahlias and all sorts of vegetables, winding down, tilling the soil
getting ready for the big sleep, I am never ready- I do love the change into Autumn but then the lights go out , the rain - constant, the darkness and chill almost too much. A great time to go to the desert.

I bought more cherries, amazed that they are still really good this late in the summer- weird weather I guess.
These are huge , juicy, sweet, tender.

always going through boxes of STUFF! Sometimes I find something that endears me, This "action figure" couple for instance.
Not sure what it is that tickles me about them, maybe Grampa's pants worn spot and his Archie Bunker style, Looks like my Dad. His hep wife in her snappy outfit, matching shoes, tolerant smile on her face, I imagine she is apologizing for him constantly.

Remember PANTS? and the delivery of his carcass to the deck by the door where I could not possibly overlook  it. I have wondered how it got up there, mystery solved. There is a crow that travels with the one legged sea gull - I feed them daily,   lovely gull,  polite , injured, hopping one legged losing balance- they are best friends and sometimes the gull shares with the crow- but mostly the crow waits in the plum tree beside the gull to make sure it gets enough to eat- they fly off together. Crow scouts for the gull.
Crow has been dropping off little "gifts" , weird little  plastic bits, a stick, an odd painted pebble, It watched for a long time- as Pants came and went, it heard me talking to Pants in encouraging  tones.
Crows are intuitive , clever creatures.
Brought Pants back to me.
Gosh, Thank you, Crow, nice...there is no other explanation.
Going out today in the beautiful , perfect summer to get more fish for the gull, and to the Assistance League because it is old lady day . WHY? because everything is a dollar and they have the most amazing wonderful inventory. Last week I bought a white  Icelandic wool blanket, in new condition-  warmest, softest, comfort ever. I will thank myself when winter rolls around.
Hoping against hope that ETSY will pick up - though I am not banking on it, believe me- corporate greed - has lost everything is used to be, a community of creativity. It's gross, yet I keep doing it- call it a "HOBBY".  Just shifting "junk" , and why not...
Marie Kondo has no power here...

PS- Washington state has 46 law suits against 45- that should make everyone feel glad!

Monday, August 12, 2019

terribly sad about joy

A good day if there is a dog involved, This is Deuce, studio pup, happiest little soul - I went up to pay the rent, look around, uninspired, came back home. But not without playing with Deuce, he has the best sense of humor and can talk.

Like a low grade fever, depression is just sort of hanging around waiting to pounce or to be shaken wit less. I think the later is the best idea. Depression seems to be the flavor of the day, living  in these incredibly interesting, horrifying days. " throw me in the shallow end!" please! 

 I was given a tooth macaroon filled with coffee mousse from Mr. Man's Hygienist - it was hygienist appreciation day at the office so there were enough to bring one home. 
Delish and delightful, gives one a happy reason to hang out with a dentist. 

Walking down by the bay This "JOY" was on the sidewalk. 
It was a "sign"
My friend had  just died, Her name was Joy.

She was my neighbor out on the rez. Tall Swedish, long braid coiled into a bun. She always offered tea in one of her many and varied tea cups, Always had some wonderful fruit cobbler still warm from the oven with cream...Her ideas were solid, her advice sincere, her guidance - somewhat adventurous and somewhat mischievous. We spent a lot of time together , out there, on the beach, gardening, nude sunbathing and talking about how utterly impossible man can be. 
I drove out , to check on the cabin  and to collect the pots of flowers I had taken out...and to say thank you, to what ever spirit might linger there.
She sold her house next  to our cabin, she had become too old to live on her own out there, but I thought there might be some of her left over. she had moved inland, to the mountains, her heart place.
I was wrong, There was nothing of Joy left at the house, so I went to the native cemetery.
That felt just right.

The graves are organic, in that they change always,  well looked after and  personalized, the spirits, so they say, have not entirely vanished into the cosmic soup. They come and go.

This grave is one I have not seen before , " Over the hill crossing" says the sign.

And this one with a backward leaning Mary- was not there the last time I visited.

Odd, fresh graves all same family, in a row, side by side like they are holding hands.  
The Butterfly bush doing it's ghosty lavender blur, the trees in the middle obscured a bit by blur .
Probably the way the sun was shining, though there is a thing about the Lummi cemetery- the spirits wander, they say, especially after 4:00 in the afternoon. It is a cemetery that you can feel- not in a spooky way, but in a presence way- A very thin veil between flesh and not flesh anymore- way.

And so, that was that, terribly sad about JOY,  she was ready, though,  she gave ample notice to loved ones, she was good and ready and I must say, her timing has always been right on target. 

This world has a way of wearing us out, breaking our hearts as well as  other flesh bits . My GAWD, what have we become 

Monday, July 22, 2019

fried flowers, black house

Everyone is on the island now, I stayed here to put flowers on the deck of the cabin. It is being staged tomorrow and the flowers might make the deck more welcoming. Stella and I went to a nursery yesterday to get some plants for this purpose, they were lovely, all plump and healthy and bright, put them in the back of her car.

With that job done, we went on to our friend 's open house for art wander.

I did buy two very cheerful and colorful paintings, painted on cedar fence tops so that they are manageable in size. about 8 inch square.
Then we went for lunch , then we went to the antique shop, when we got back to the car the plants had all but baked, We killed them!

Went back to Stella's where we tried to revive them, re-pot them, apologize...Stella swapped out some of her geraniums for the baked one and added a bright little begonia and a couple of watering globes.
This morning they have perked up considerably , Good enough for the deck at the cabin. Plus , out on the rez, they will disappear overnight, as things left outside do,  I am pretty sure. Nice try, though- the pots look OK.

Color  during these times of  despair seems an indulgence ,  down in the dumps, feeling utterly helpless  and broken- hearted -"tender age" holding cells  at the border.  Unbelievable cruelty, this nation! I. Just. Can't...

My friend painted her house black - the accents really blast the color against the black - like a scream - I love this house! 
She , of course , is an artist.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

a fierce girl , her creativity, against the odds

- what one does when one is a creative, strong, fierce!

I have known her since she was two years old and could only say "NO"- all of the time!
The daughter of my dearest friend whom I met in the orchards in Kent. A difficult life for all living that life , but I was on a lark - had an escape route, the others, not so much.

My friend lived in a bus with her husband (of sorts) and her two year old daughter, Esa's older sister, and her new born baby boy. The husband -of-sorts  cleared the orchard when his friends came over with their pockets full of "horse". My friend brought her new born over to me to look after while she looked after the  "friends", making sure that no body set the orchard afire or over dosed, It was scary. shocking, to me, but as I said , I was on a lark , every adventure seemed, well- like an adventure!

While I took time out to go to Morocco  for several weeks, The new born died...

A few years later, my friend was pregnant again, and birthed ESA, the husband-of-sorts presumed to be the father until two years ago when DNA was readily available. No idea who ESA's sperm donor is/was, other than  a foggy memory. Anyway, out of the chaos Esa, with all of her pluck and might has conquered the worst of it.

I went to her wedding celebration a few years ago in Whitstable ( after ten years of she being with her husband- two children and a business renovating houses) . I sensed that the marriage would  stifle Esa and snuff her out...correct,  it did not last, difficult but necessary divorce last year. True to form Esa took life by the balls and moved on with  vision , charm and talent and I have to hand it to her- she is an exceptional woman!

I have several pieces from her, but I do not wear jewelry , I love them for their quirkiness and to remind me to put stock in creativity, strength and fierceness. I so admire  ESA!

Finding her way against the odds-  so, there you go, if you care to order something cool  for those women folk on your list that are not run of the mill...Christmas will be here soon...unless tRUMP has something to say about it. He may have killed Santa for all we know.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I would have been a pretty man, Pants returns...

 Woke up this morning and it was 57 degrees, Took the dog out for a walk , He got a case of the fraps ( running around wildly hyper energized) When we got back home, He gathered all of his toys and could not decide which one to Frap with , so he decided to nap instead.

It is cold, and windy- You can not tell from the cherry tree, but if you could see and feel you would be wearing two jackets and your hair would be backwards.

It is a good day to bake something, eat something baked and read...

This is a book that a very long time ago friend wrote and it is excellent from the very first page to the last!

Interwoven throughout are challenges she has faced in her life- living in our horrid little town in Wyoming during the worst of "spare the rod spoil the child"- rape the girls- meanness out of ignorance- days. A worthy read, not a disappointing sentence in it!  Her adventure in Louisiana is jaw dropping, human dilemma  good heart stuff!
She was a great playmate, I asked but no body would ever tell me where she had gone- Adults were so secretive then- Now I know- she was sent to a convent to learn how to behave and to escape her mother's beatings.

The father's day bloom is still hanging on! When it is gone, which looks like soon, it will be nothing but another plant with leaves that drink from their middle rather than from the root.

It will not flower again.

Or will it?
The first one in  the late 80's- terrifying but I likely would have done the same thing, had my son died.

OH! Looks like I have! Could this be Pants? On the deck there he was in the morning- how???
 Lock the doors! 

For fun  Erik used an app that changes your face into the opposite sex.

This is me as a man- I was hoping for more facial hair...but I would have been a pretty man wouldn't I? Clearly I would have been gay.

The app also changes face to be 80 years old- hilarious when he applied it to his baby photos.
So it goes. I have decided to NOT go to Orcas, keep Cubby for a few more days, and just BE.

I might even go to the bakery and get a cherry pie, they are so good right now, Fresh cherries!!
I will eat the entire pie.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

mother nature aborting this mission

Mrs. Plum, the dear old girl , keeps pumping out fruit, but due to mother nature her fruit does not reach fruition.
They land like stones on the deck and startle the dog.

the juniper and cedar - aborting as well.
It is natural, it is mother nature for all living things...
for whatever reason.
no judgment it just is.

Although some that ought to have been, squeak through, damaged and unfit for life. And THAT is the true mystery!

I have Cubby for a week, So good to have a little dog body clicking around on the hard floor, playing with anything fuzzy, and barking not barking - his voice is more of a  Swiss dot on soft fabric - Family has gone to California where the temperature is 110. Cubby is smarter than they.

The Orcas island family summer week is coming up soon, I doubt that I will be going again. It has become too touristy, crowded,and uncomfortable and now reservations on the ferry are required!  I will see everyone  most likely for Thanksgiving when all the chicks come home.
I am kind of sad about Orcas- it was good for a while, we need to find a different place but then, I am not in charge am I. AND there may be no better place as climate migration has hit the PNW noticeably. Our weather has been fantastic- but what is that I hear??? The earth's plates rubbing, rumbling down below, shaking  not quite so subtly. We have been warned since the sixties, the earth is changing, we all know what we are sitting on! 
So, that will occur and everyone will send thoughts and prayers and "Oh my, what a tragedy!"- It is just mother nature,  aborting- for very good reason.

Monday, July 8, 2019

a felted thing, and a funeral for a finger

 I think that I am finished with whatever this is. 
I just felt like full blast color which I think that I have achieved.

I am always surprised at how much wool this takes, I used every ounce of blue!

The studio is still a great place to go and gather my wits, though lately the toilet up there has been smelling lethal!
Like something died in the pipes somewhere on it's way out.

We are being GASSED!

The flower on the father's day Bromelaid  changes daily and becomes even more outrageous. The tiny blossoms of dark pink and purple inside the flower get plumper and more noticeable, the flower expands! Alien!!

While in Laramie , my friend, said that she could not hang out on Saturday because she had a funeral to tend to.

 A funeral for a finger bone and a few other bits of a young man who died in the USS Oklahoma. Through the miracle of DNA, it was determined that he was George Hanson and had a hand full of relatives left in Laramie.

 Veterans on Harleys showed up in full force to pay respect, wave the flag , and share the feels for one of their own.

It was a most moving ceremony actually.
And though I am never too comfortable around military, this was exceptional.

Anyway, there was a lot of fuss over the small box of George, the Navy Chaplain filled in the blanks telling the story of the day- December 7, 1941.
I am glad we went, though My friend played it down - she was magnificent.

Marilyn was my neighbor  growing up , We had an open door policy between our houses, her mom was my mom , my mom was hers.

 She was the best student, the best citizen, the best at everything really. After graduation from University she decided to go into seminary to become a priest.

Interesting career choice- She was the boss of the Episcopal church in Laramie for years and only recently retired.

Here she shows me the window dedicated to the Chinese workers in Wyoming who were treated terribly. IT is a liberal church in a liberal town, a safety zone!

I had not seen Marilyn for at least fifty years, we connected right away - she feels like family and I guess she really is, since we shared our moms.

Interesting to see how everyone chose paths that led them though this life. All interesting and for the most part , good! I am cool with her conviction to Christ- she is not obnoxious- she does it right! And she is cool with my atheism. It's all just as it should be.

winding down ,beautiful summer

Joe's garden, plump with dahlias and all sorts of vegetables, winding down, tilling the soil getting ready for the big sleep, I a...