Monday, September 17, 2018

ages ago only yesterday

1984!! Oldest son ,  the walrus, and I , in San Diego. Mr. Man finally ventured into one of his storage units last night, Found loads of trash of course, "no time, shove it away" sort of thing...Anyway, this old photo surfaced. It was a business trip for Mr. Man, the only way he would travel, some people really do need structure to function...but it was  a great holiday for us undisciplined folk! 

 I scissored my hair the night before ,thinking that it might be nice for the meetings, I might not embarrass the man, as I frequently do.
Well, you can see that did not work out so well. 
Took forever to grow back!
Anyway, Holy cow, 1984!!! The year I graduated from University finally, having gone back as an elderly  student.

Good news, The little found dog found his man, and I was right, the pooch is deaf. So all ends well. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

little lost dog, deer bed, dark morning

Yesterday While at a friend's house up the road, visiting with our other friends down from Alaska, There was a knock at the door, Since everyone we know was already sitting at the table, It was somewhat startling, all of us thinking " Don't answer it", probably bible bangers or politicians ...
But then there was a "woof woof" - three of us  bolted  to answer it, could not get to the door fast enough.

I came home with this lost little dog, utter bones, thirsty, confused, hungry.

He did not know how to eat from a dish, Organic chicken I hand fed him the chicken bits.

Sweet little thing, probably deaf, though responded to hand signals.

The humane society came so they could check for a chip, and check his health. In five days he will be up for adoption if they can not find his home. He has had a fresh hair cut, so pretty sure he will be with his people soon. If not, I may have a little dog...

There are four deer beds in our yard, This is a favorite for the mother and baby, well protected, rarely disturbed, back of the house with the deer trail leading directly to it. 
So calming to have sleeping deer here and there, peacefully chewing and snoozing- A dog would change that...
I hope the little dogs parents find him.

And THIS is our bright sunny Sunday morning, Definitely a two layer day, woolly Halflingers, a large mug of hot coffee- The needed rain has arrived, for months and months -the future- Damp , cold - nature loves it. so, I might not complain.... today.
 The sudden chill , the darkness, this is why people do not flock to the PNW.
Friends report that many people who have MS move up  to Alaska, live longer and feel better, something about the climate that is good for MS.
Especially now , with climate change , lengthening the Alaskan summers. This area is not good because it is so humid, and that kind of chill goes all the way through a person ...and stays.
 I was warmer in London in winter than here - that tells you everything .

Booked a non refundable apartment in London for the miserable month of January, So that is a done deal and I am excited.  It WILL be warmer than here, pretty sure. Doesn't matter, I would rather be freezing in London than just about anywhere else.
Fingers crossed  that nothing breaks, that no one gets ill, that I am not stopped at the airport for being   a reasonable human being, passport taken, because your know, The Orange plague!

Friday, September 14, 2018

When will they arrive?

This, right now, is a time of the most perfect weather you can imagine. Not cold, not hot, mellow low in the sky sunshine, Apples ripening, deer eating them.
Every breath of air is fresh and fruity!
With so much fuss down yonder, hurricanes and all, when will folks flock to the pacific north west? 

Probably just in time for the volcanoes to blow, which they will.

Last of the flowers , I will bring the geraniums in for winter. They are so hearty , they even survive me!
We decided that we have been old and wimpy this summer, used air conditioner far too often. The bill was outrageous! We have also decided to get solar panels, for as much as it would cost to buy three designer bags in Paris, or a new car, or several trips to England- They will pay for themselves in seven years. The electric company will owe us.

All is well at the moment, and the moment is all we have, They say.

The back yard deer is the one that broke his leg at the beginning of spring, but there you go, He seems to have adjusted very well. 

Every afternoon he snoozes on the grass in the back.

Winter might not be his friend.
Ahhh mother nature, 
She can be harsh.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

pencil pouch, bone, the sea, deer pee

Rescued the bad felting, made a pencil pouch , it looks  Icelandic, soft grey and off white, 
 The pencils are inscribed  with a Nabokov quote ," We are most artistically caged". I am satisfied with the final deal, I thought it beyond hope.

After finishing that I remembered today was the six month check up on the bones, When I first went to this waiting room,  the glass "art" seemed threatening, sharp, shattering, potentially disastrous. 
Today  they seem  less uncomfortable - just someones odd choice of art for the waiting room in the spine/brain/nerve  center.
I am probably the only person with this opinion and this "feel".

there are the screws, there is my smile, bone is growing, I am going to be just fine after all.
Getting my mojo back .Feeling pretty sassy though this whole ordeal aged me one hundred years!

Picked up groceries, Starting a get- back- to- sensibility in the diet department- beginning tomorrow! 
Lucky me, organic free range chicken on sale today! 

I walked around Marine park on my way home, Beautiful sunny day with a chill in the air - earthy autumn smells, leaves brightly dying.
The last of the flowers, black eyed Susan's, clinging to  this  short lived beautiful weather. The Ice melting in the car.
 Quick walk, breathing the salty air, blessed sunshine!! Delicious!

Out in the San Juan's a few weeks ago, A beautiful vintage wooden Yacht  was spotted off of Friday Harbor, A woman dressed in white appeared, there were petals tossed, A wedding- Darryl Hannah and Neil Young- no fuss, just a quiet affair off our coast, in the sound. You can see why they made this choice! On a beautiful day, this area is stunning.

As I was driving by our yard, I noticed the mother and just one of her fawns munching on the grass, they looked like a Disney scene,  peaceful , poised, elegant- By the time I grabbed my camera and rolled down the window, the fawn was half way into the neighbors yard and the mother  forgot her dignity.
They are  so casual, familiar , tame, I am glad that they feel  comfortable here, glad they are watering, in their way,  the dry weeds in the yard. All moisture is welcomed.

This leaf  - screaming blood red-  plump veins- if my camera was better, you would see it throbbing, found with it's siblings on the grass by the bay.
Officially Autumn.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

charity chicken, pile of wool, Stella, and gass

The post office is way across town, on the way back I can hit three charity stores, I usually leave without purchase , catch /release/ take a photo. This chicken looks like it has been insulted. It's lofty white feathers did inspire me to come home and start a wet felting of  lofty white roving.

I have not wet felted for months, tends to be quite the ordeal when not used to it, also when not physically up to it. 
Turns out that my skills need honing, Turns out that this  intended pencil pouch did not turn out. (turn turn turn-ear worm)
I will work on it another day and try to make it into ...something.

Little Miss squirrel came to watch and to show me her  buttons, though you can not see them in this shot, She must have six babies somewhere, busy little mother.

  All day Thursday, I anticipated going out with Stella to the ART walk. Got dressed in reasonable clothing and waited, she did not show up on time, unlike Stella,
only then did I realize that I was a day ahead of myself, spent all day taking care of business before the weekend when post office is shut, banks are shut, the usual hassle of shut down ... I feel as though I got an extra day to live. BONUS! Plus got everything taken care of ahead of time. 
Yesterday , the REAL Friday, I did go out with our Stella.

Frame samples at the framing shop,  the best part of the art walk, probably.
After wards we went to our favorite little twee restaurant, the waiter was new and learning, and he was so adorable, raised by his grandmother who taught him well how to relate to older women folk.
 I left an overly generous tip- wanted to take him home with me   to grandmother him  to death and fluff his pillows. Darling youngin'

This morning I awoke coughing and sputtering,  throat closing, came upstairs and sure enough  we had been gassed.
Mr. Man sprayed Febreze in every room, dear GOD! 
"Why," I asked, "Because it smells like cooking, " he answered, He likes to steam broccoli and asparagus  to mush, granted that does not smell nice. So.... turn on the fan,  open a window, whatever ,but do not try to kill everyone with   Febreze. He bought a gross of it  from Costco, GROSS being the operative,so whatchagonnado.
If you, like he , do not believe me, go to the link and it will confirm the choking  chemicals and the NO-NO DO not use advice. 
Just don't, no matter what a good deal it was at Cost Co.
No matter how stinky your  mush steaming  is.
Also, if you want to actually  kill your spouse there are better ways I reckon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Far from home, thirty minutes away

Janet and I went south today, down the winding dangerous road that should  never have been built, A lot of lives have been lost on that road . It follows the sea -  but is up on the blasted out hillside.  Chuckanut drive opened in 1916,  about four years after the work had started  -  was a difficult road to build , lots of mountain side dynamited , which It has never gotten over ,  with the help of gravity,  huge boulders crash down  every year- fingers crossed that one does not land on your car. I have mentioned this drive before, It is one that tourists really love and drive poorly on. It is very beautiful and a quicker way to  go south, but it can be treacherous .
I totaled my car on this drive at 1:00 am coming home from work. Lucky I did not go through the guardrail dropping down the cliff into the sea. Dodgy! I didn't even break a bone! 
Anyway, it is a great way to get to the little towns south of here for lunch and a look around.

We managed to remedy the world's ills over our two hour lunch so y'all can sleep well tonight.
What it comes down to , basically, is:

Doggy left it's bone on the bench, I would have tucked it in my bag if I still  had a dog in my life. But I don't, and that's that.

The meat market now sells clothing to put on the meat.

You can see that the smoke is not gone, Sort of settled in the valley.

I have to use my flight that cancelled because- surgery ...Giving me only until February to use it or lose it. I booked a flight to London, for the month of January, probably the worst time to go as weather will be cranky. 
It is possible that son will join me if his job falls through. His best friend is going to school there now - some where near the Albert Hall- I will try to book a flat in Kennsington  , close to  the school  or in Chiswick, where his friend has a flat- sort of torn between the two areas, also not knowing for sure, if I should rent a two bedroom if he joins me, or a studio If it is  just me. 
London is SOOOO expensive, it is lucky to find anything affordable. I will though. I am a good searcher.  Middle son and kids are in London right now, he is a pilot - it cost them 80 bucks to get there! , The perks are for his family only, not tag along brothers and step mothers. Of course it is unfair, I say.

Monday, September 3, 2018

a matter of what comes into focus

Autumn usually chills  people out ( I know, bad pun), after a hot frantic summer, the change is a welcomed one.  Traffic slows down a bit , the days are shorter, coffee tastes better.
The forest will certainly welcome the  coming incessant rain- but I? I am not welcoming the change.

If it were REAL change, like maybe political  and  beneficial climate changes -from orange alert to a more even tempered Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren ,  and perhaps a Tesla in the drive, I  might  feel better about "Winter's Coming".

Folks seem more cranky, testy, misunderstood, misunderstanding ,  out of sorts this fall.
Or is it just me? ( no, it is not, just thought that sounded magnanimous ) It could be the tension of politics - a country so broken yet  so full of promise- hand wringing dread, November elections hanging in the balance. People with any amount of melanin , women, non Christians, queer as folk folk- anyone not in the realm of white  Bible BS male - are in peril.

Another walk around the lake yesterday with Mr. Man , he said ," when I watch you taking photos I think, hmmm, why are you taking pictures of trash?"

He could not see what I was seeing until I posted a few on facebook, He said he had no idea.
And I guess that is the difference - how people interpret , what comes into ones focus. 
Like this little  green slug pupper, how cute it is, how misunderstood, as most think it is a pest and somewhat icky and are more than willing to snip it in two with shovel or scissors. Who would focus on that little bit of slime, I would.

Or this plant,what ever it is, going to seed, I think is magnificent and you would too, if I had a better camera. ( still  wanting a better one, for detail and clarity- but not today) Anyway, you get my drift.

Hand prints in concrete that  also go unnoticed , hidden by a nondescript post in the forest.
I point them out to Mr. Man, and remind him of the hand prints left in the office concrete by our oldest boy when he was about seven. No recollection at all for the man- again, what comes into focus for some does not for all, nor should it.
I  would like to chip those tiny hand prints out of the concrete at the office and keep them, but that would cause too much damage and expense to mend, too much fuss, sentimentality is not a valid focus, I suppose.

At the end of our walk, the full circle around the lake, which some say is just under 3 miles and some say it is 5-  is so serene, summer time madness ceased, heat and smoke gone. 
Feeling better having walked a bit, having had fresh water drinking from the  public fountain, yes, we still have those, and having had a good many dog fixes along the way, we are chill.
Ready to take on this new day,  or so we thought, which has been less mellow. Ex-wife misunderstanding, crying , yelling, on phone, misunderstanding. Some one not getting a New Yorker cartoon  and taking offense. Some one misunderstanding the shopping list, the meaning of this and that, Someone not meeting expectations set by another. 

 Fresh out of patience. Just fix the damned problem.
'And stop moaning,' she says as she moans about her crumby camera ,and the grammatical error of starting a sentence with "And", the gas lit country  banging it's head against a wall of deceit, yeah, it could be me...probably is me....yep.

ages ago only yesterday

1984!! Oldest son ,  the walrus, and I , in San Diego. Mr. Man finally ventured into one of his storage units last night, Found loads o...