Saturday, November 17, 2018

Rutting season, clank and boomph in the yard

 Yesterday morning I took my coffee out on the deck , took a photo of the last clinging cherry leaves. listening to a BOOMPH sound around the back, At first I thought it was the usual Gull on the roof or a flicker pounding out LOVE messages to any other flicker who might be in the mood.

There were two older buck in the back, one as you can see with a terribly broken leg , the other quite full of sass and vigor, with mating on his mind. Rubbing his antlers against the deck posts, aggressively.

The crippled buck just went on about his business.
The other made his way to the front yard. He just stood and watched, as a younger male tore up the Rhody bush. Decided the younger buck was not worth a fight, I guess, ambled up the drive and into the thicket of the neighbor's yard,

Isn't he magnificent! 

Branches flying , enthusiastic antler rubbing.
Already establishing his territory, and his yearling, potential harem. The young buck did his best to impress. The Rhody did not stand a chance.

Yearling  Does  freaked , run away, through the back yard and over the fence.
The little guy also sees what is coming and quietly backs up into the neighbors yard- disappears behind the thick undergrowth, where Mr. Magnificent had gone.
There is a challenger, though!

Walking head down in a menacing manner, he comes from the side of the house ,approaches slowly and CLACK!
They engage!
Clack clack clack clack.

It is a vigorous fight, I am thinking of their headaches and  possible broken necks, but that does not happen with  rutting. The most damage to the bucks is weight loss, not a good thing  just before winter sets in.  Nature is weird.

The fight lasted for  longer than I would have expected - then the challenger  broke free and ran through the back yard , smashing into the bar BQ- the other right behind him , charging and threatening across the  cherry leaves  on the ground that look like the aftermath of a wild party.

At one point there were seven deer in the yard ,  the yearling "wives" had long gone, terrified. ducking, and scooting!  The other's placing bets, I assume.

The days of peaceful resting under the tree, chewing for hours in a spot of sunshine are well and truly over. 
This is the end of rutting season before every deer tucks in , waiting for the thaw and  fauns. 

The flicker watched from the plum tree, very still for the longest time- He may have brain damage from pounding out his  dating profile against our  Chimney,  Our neighbors covered their chimney with wire mesh after the flicker made such a hole that the rain made it's way into the house. Living in the natural world- here in real estate. I feel lucky.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

downtown parking

Was somebody too happy, too stoned, too drunk, or just creative. I do not know. 
Election night.
People losing all sense of equilibrium but I will say, the out come has been better than most elections.  The spin goes on of course, and if you are crazy enough to venture to the dark insanity of right wing blathering, you will see that  the crazy is full on!
And WHY journalists do not just turn their backs on  the slime ball and his mistress Sarah, is beyond me.  No more attention for you, Mr. and Mrs, Pinocchio!

On the home front, things are looking spic & span, I bought three lettuces yesterday, They are actually plants -intended for very fresh salads- 
 I hope they stay well until thanksgiving- giving them love, water and light by the window.

The chill is everywhere, no place to warm up, when we had wood heat it efficiently warmed us but wood heat has been outlawed due to pollution,so I am wearing two layers plus my wool winter coat in the house! Our fireplace cold and lonely.
Trying to adapt.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

prepared, crow bonanza, I broke the damned toilet

Cranberries cooking today, Had to go get sugar, none in the house, I am going to be so on top of thanksgiving this year!! 
Pre-making and sticking it in the freezer, there is little room in there - eliminated quite a few things that had freezer burn or that were just too dumb to be there in the first place- Picachu , still there however, Like my Mom's ashes it's just difficult to get rid of .  Bury or dump in a relevant place. procrastination. I.JUST. CAN'T.

-The apples this year are unusually  juicy and crisp and sweet- 

Abundant because of the sunshine so rare!
If this is climate change - I will eat it!
Trying to save them for waldorf salad but have already eaten two-

Delicata Squash  cut into dough nut shapes . the holes  stuffed with rum raisins, baked with maple syrup and butter- the best  way to get a full dose of  vitamin squash....and diabetes.
I am planning on a few KETO dishes for those who have already stepped into the  deadly spiral of diabetes, I am not entirely thoughtless.

Thanksgiving - such a rich meal- this week I will get Grandma's  butter rolls made as well- a little flour thrown in to cubes of butter pretty much.
 I am SO together, plus having learnt that you never know what  little life surprises might come up in the meantime - it is best to prepare when the preparing is good...

This frozen  morning there was quite a lot of unusual banging going on- I checked the deck and this crow was trying his best to get into a full sized candy bar that had frozen rock solid.

Likely a Halloween left over.

I had bangers for breakfast and left some out for this crow thinking that bangers would be much healthier, he  ate the bangers right NOW and took the candy bar with him- a prized possession- winner all the way- this crow.

I finished painting the bathroom and made every surface sparkle but while on my knees washing around the porcelain throne I notice a long crack down the pedestal to the base.
Holy cow! I DID hit it hard! I did that! Me and gravity and TSP!

So lucky .
Anyway, Sore for a few days - nothing except the toilet is broken. 
So...on we go , election sort of over- Republican shenanigans still occurring- the orange slime ball has a melt down - trying to shut down journalism- trying to shut down  accountability- the usual but with such toddler poop throwing, more than usual- looks like a ranting heart attack- one has hopes....

Monday, November 5, 2018

I've fallen and I can't get up

So here we go, Tuesday voting day. If we are all still alive by Thursday I will come out from under the covers to check the results- there are so many great , promising people running this time.
The evangelicals have taken stock and are no longer playing the trump card, or so the interview on VICE reports. My fingers are all crossed, I am teeth typing.
This disaster must be turned around- for the sake of all.

The above baby ginko tree is actually that color right now!  I have been a taxi for Mr. Man for the last several days, taking him to appointments, running errands to his favorite places, which I would rather never go to but because I am such a saint.... This tree was outside of one of the places.

His eye surgery was complicated, about three hours or something like that. So here we are the blind driving the blind. But since he can not see how badly I am driving my driving is OK. He is not passenger seat driving which is commendable. 

Yesterday I was TSP-ing the bathroom so that I can paint it, TSP is very slippery, but thought I would use it instead of sanding everything. Because- lazy probably.
I came down on a tiny puddle-

- one foot went one way the other foot tried to catch up. and down I went , hard, smacked against the toilet not once but three times, head, shoulder and hardest on my tail bone...again. poor thing. 

I whimpered in a heap  until I could catch my breath, took a pill , went to bed for about five minutes , and was good to go, sore, mind you,  walking funny but damned if I did not get the bathroom prepped! "hell no , toilet, you are NOT going to beat me- not today".

The gull is back and witnessed the whole thing - judgy and confused a little bit. 
I gave it cheese just for being a pal , watching me crumple and yell what you would yell  if this had been you.
So, yes, a litany.
Mr. Man was reading the paper and ran to get a towel for the floor that was so slippery, which was a help , the best idea really, and I  realized that I should have thought of that , but you know, hindsight...

Tomorrow, since I have already voted Blue as blue can be, after taking Mr. Man to his places of worship (cost co- home depot) I will paint the damned bathroom,

I was so lucky to not have broken my neck again.

(the sign is in my friend's yard)

Saturday, November 3, 2018

make your movie a good one, broken glass, VOTE BLUE!

An old friend once said , rather -said all the time- that we are the stars of our own movies, our perceptions, our projections, our stories. I thought she was a bit off her rocker but maybe there is some measure of  truth to it. 
Your reality is particular to only you. You are special that way- So, we must conform to some basic principles, laws, rules...which can be organic but generally encompass compassion, respect, rules to enable us to live harmoniously- with so many stars of their own movies...

Hasn't all of that gone right out the window- in the blink of an eye!
My friend ,whose mother is white as white can be - father Taino, was playing with her baby and little niece in a Seattle park, lovely autumn day- A white man approached them  aggressively and began screaming obscenities- yelling at them to get  their filth out of his country and back to Mexico.  (?)  Another man with a child left the park abruptly- bloody coward.

Of course this was traumatizing - a bit unreal for this area, but, you see, not just the lid  has been taken off of the crazy box, the entire contents have spilled- toxic slime from the master of all- the great Orange Turd in the too white white Nazi  house.
It hits hard , right here where we think everyone is on the same liberal page.
Stay on your toes people! This is utterly obscene and heart breaking!

Be a champion for others. (although that may get you killed as well...Just saw a fashion show with carry of concealed weapons hidden in clothing- yay second amendment freedom- freedom to murder)

Going through stuff once again, came across the seventh grade windows we did back in the day- so easy to make and so pretty.

What is needed is a dollar store wooden frame they come two in a package, some broken glass, glue, mosaic plaster, eye screws, chain.

Take the frame apart,  drill  tiny holes  for eye screws, glue the glass to the back side of frame. let dry, glue bits of glass on top, let dry, plaster it as you might do with a bathroom tile. wipe clean, and there you go! 
Any child can do this but there may be blood.

So, off we go to vote blue- with children in our hearts and minds.
Stay focused people do not lose courage!!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Palm Springs Art Museum, butt head babies, glass Steve's

In the adjacent parking lot, gigantic babies crawling here and there, Cute from afar
Disturbing up close.

I do not know what this installation is called, nor what the artist was thinking.
Maybe the artist had just had enough of baby attitudes.

The museum is splendid, full of ancient art as well as contemporary, there are some famous , by Henry Moore, Picasso,  Chihuli- predictable- more intriguing are the expressions that make you wonder- and by wonder, I mean BREAD...

And this hand woven Persian rug.
Thick delicious wool.

The special exhibit featured glass works, the one below by Martin Janecky- is titled HERO 2, but I call it Steve 2

The glass guy in the background by Clifford Rainy is titled Indigo#2. there are about four paragraphs "explaining" this piece and that is four paragraphs too many.

In one room of it's own are set ups of cool furniture.

A large Marimekko  wall hanging  with children's chairs and table

Sculpture of a very well behaved couple.

One wall of droppy things.

and a very large spider by Louise Bourgeois,  though nothing like Maman,  is still most impressive taking up a good portion of an entire wall.

The museum is free on Thursday evenings, well worth the  price. We spent at least two hours there before the street fair and could spend several more I am sure! 
I am willing to go that the November weather is beginning to be disagreeable.

So, that was autumn, the wind kicked up overnight, the rains have come, the leaves are everywhere but on the branches.
On we go, here comes winter "knock knock , motherfucker".... I should be good at this by now.  am not- fail.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

just a little wander

I guess places visited are what you make them- every experience varies from traveler to traveler.

The time we spent walking around under the bluest sky, the warm air and sunshine- we muttered to each other how our husbands would absolutely hate this town.

That is a GOOD thing actually- Palm Springs is our happy place.
Negative Nancys not welcome...

through the screen of my bedroom window every morning- never do we experience light this golden up here in the PNW.

Love the attitude- everyone just leaves everyone to their own lives, in a friendly manner-  wacky religious folks do not vacation here, also a good thing. The homeless are nice, they just mind their own business, no begging . One kid outside the grocery asked for a cigarette- of course I went into "MOM" mode- and gave him some money to buy his own, with a side lecture, of course....

Joshua Agle opened a Shag Store in Palm Springs which has been most successful! I doubt that his style would look as appealing anywhere else.

A rainbow Christmas tree...and me.

The desert is so clear, great for the brain. 
Great for lungs, who knows how long we can continue to go there- Change is afoot.

Coming home is like landing in stale bread.
Right after Christmas I will be going back to London, my other happy place, though completely opposite of Palm Springs.
Erik will be joining me for two weeks, I will stay for five- Erik is likely going to go  to Amsterdam for a bit.
His friends live in both places so he will not be stuck with his old mother.
I did buy tickets to see "Book Of Mormon" for us , something I have wanted to do since 2011- other than that , no plans.
Just LONDON, tiny apartment across the river, but this time it is a modern , functioning abode!
Will see Olga,Dave, and our Steve. And most certainly Sarah and Andy.
Mr. Man did mention that he wanted to escape for the last two weeks in December and that maybe he would join me, I pretty much discouraged  that idea for various reasons. He would be much happier going anywhere but to London, beside the apartment is way too tiny and he is way too American. London-
Not his jam...
So, maybe he could go on a tour to the Galapagos which is something he would enjoy tremendously.
yes, better idea!

Rutting season, clank and boomph in the yard

 Yesterday morning I took my coffee out on the deck , took a photo of the last clinging cherry leaves. listening to a BOOMPH sound around ...